Press Release
(2005 FIM Road Racing World Championship)
Malaysian 2005 pre-season testing session - MotoGP
Sepang - Monday, January 24th 2005

Camel Honda Team continue to work in perfect harmony

The second day of tests in Malaysia saw the whole of the Camel Honda set-up
working seamlessly together during the allowed track-time as they put their new
riders' requests into place. Although Troy Bayliss decided to reject the chance
to test new tyres so that he could continue his gradual adaptation to the new
bike, he bettered his best time from yesterday by nearly a second despite having
a set-up he is still dissatisfied with. Alex Barros meanwhile carried out some
intense testing on a wide range of tyres provided by Michelin, to improve their
performance in extreme weather conditions, such as those found in Malaysia.

Ramon Forcada - Camel Honda - (Alex Barros's Technical Director)

"Today we carried out a series of very tough tests, because testing front
tyres - of which some are made of a new compound - requires the ultimate in
focus. I think that we've done a good job alongside the Michelin technicians
today, which will be very useful when we get back here within less than three
weeks. Alex also was quick throughout the day, and always amongst the fastest
out on track; once again his fastest lap came on race tyres, and he went back
underneath the track record. Unless we get any more test requests from the
French technicians, we won't use the softer tyres at all tomorrow, because a
one-off fast lap with qualifying tyres is not our aim at this moment in time."

Alex Barros - Camel Honda - 2'02.307 (77 laps)

"Today was another great day of work, very productive and very intense. I tested
something like 12 new front tyres! The objective was to give some feedback to
all of Michelin so they can prepare a new series of front tyres for the test
back here in Sepang in a couple of weeks. Tomorrow perhaps we will work on some
rear rubbers. Only towards the end of the day did I make some little refinements
to the set-up of the forks, but it wasn't much really. "

Santiago Mulero - Camel Honda (Troy Bayliss's Technical Director)

"The modifications we tested today, which aimed to improve traction and the
behaviour of Troy's bike on the brakes didn't give us the results we wanted, but
we have already decided down which route we will go tomorrow. Using the data we
collected today from both riders we will try to make Troy's adaptation to the
RC211V a little easier, and will try to make the settings more suitable to his
style of riding."

Troy Bayliss - Camel Honda - 2'03.918 (52 laps)

"It was quite a tough day today, because although I lowered my best time, I
didn't feel completely at ease in the saddle. I've gone a bit off course at the
moment, but seeing as that at Jerez the bike went really well and also the other
Hondas are already pretty well set up here, there's no real reason why we
shouldn't be able to get back on track."