Press Release
(2005 FIM Road Racing World Championship)
Malaysian 2005 pre-season testing session - MotoGP
Sepang - Tuesday 25th January 2005

First test session of 2005 concludes at Sepang

The first test session of the 2005 preseason concluded today for the Camel Honda
team riders. There was a slight setback for Alex Barros today, who had run two
sets of five laps, the first of which had seen him set an excellent time of
2'01.95 followed by a second quick lap. Whilst he was talking with his Chief
Technician Ramon Forcada in the box, Alex got caught by a cold blast of air and
his neck stiffened up. Despite an instant massage and painkiller, he was forced
to pull out of the test. Troy Bayliss continued to improve after spending the
first few laps behind his new team-mate, with whom he has already built up an
excellent understanding, and was able to complete his testing programme and
leave his difficulties from yesterday behind. Troy's learning process on the
RC211V is well on schedule and the Australian and his crew are all looking
forward to the next test in optimistic mood. The next date on the calendar is
again at the Malaysian track, with three days planned from 11th to 13th February.

Ramon Forcada - Camel Honda - (Chief Technician Alex Barros)

"Over the first two days we followed the testing programme perfectly but today a
completely banal incident has prevented us from finishing it. Here it's over
30oC in the shade and when the riders come back they are are hot and sweaty and
try to cool down. Alex unzipped his leathers in front of the fan and the cold
air stiffened him up. It's something which will clear up in a few days but it
meant that he couldn't finish the job today: a few other new rear tyres and some
more set-up work. Looking at the time Alex did on his second lap today, and that
of his team-mate, it's clear they're in the right shape to do well. We'll just
have to be patient, we've got some top results here and gathered some good
information to give to HRC. We're very satisfied.

Alex Barros - Camel Honda - 2'01.95 (10 laps)

"Today started off really well, I was riding quick straight away but then I got
a stiff neck from the air. They gave me a massage but even after the painkillers
it was useless. It's a shame but that's the way things go. We'll make up for it
at the next test."

Santiago Mulero - Camel Honda (Chief Technician Troy Bayliss)

"Today was a completely different story. We analysed all the data we had, came
up with a few solutions and they were proved right on the track. Troy feels much
more comfortable now and at the next test we'll be able to take another step
forward, because we'll be able to set it up perfectly for him. We're happy to
have put Troy in the right shape to look forward to the next test with a lot of

Troy Bayliss - Camel Honda - 2'02.691 (67 laps)

"Today I can finally say that I'm happy, I've taken 1.3 seconds off my time from
yesterday. Everything went better and we're back on the right path, so much so
that I've gone quicker now than in testing and the race here last year. I did
two mini simulations of ten laps each at a really good pace. I'm sure that when
we return here in a little over two weeks' time we'll be able to pick up where
we've left off. The whole team reacted quickly to a difficult start. This
morning I was able to follow Alex for a few laps just to be on the safe side and
things got better and better from there. I'm disappointed for him that he had
his setback but I'm sure he'll be better soon."