Press Release
(2005 FIM Road Racing World Championship)
Malaysian 2005 pre-season testing session 2 - MotoGP
Sepang - Friday February 11th 2005

MotoGP engines roar once more in Sepang.
Camel Honda team already back at the front

MotoGP riders today completed the first of three test days in extreme conditions
at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia. During the session which took place at the
same circuit towards the end of January the asphalt measured 43o Celsius, but
today it reached over 50C. The scorching heat, along with the accompanying
high humidity, forced all the riders to take an hour's break at midday, with the
track conditions extra slippery. The two Camel Honda riders rode the 2005 spec
RC211V for the first time, getting the crucial first positive feelings. Alex
Barros, quickest throughout the whole day as he constantly built on his best
time, eventually was second fastest. Troy Bayliss also continued to make
progress along his learning curve on the RC211V. The testing continues for two
more days on the Malaysia track, before the team transfers to Australia for
three further days.

Sito Pons - Camel Honda - (Team Principal)

"These tests are important because we have begun work on the new bike. Our first
impressions are good and we want to make the most of the relatively long time
before the season begins to continue to make progress. The bike is an evolution
of last year's machine, with modifications in the electronics and the
aerodynamics. Alex, who has ridden the Honda for a while, was instantly quick on
it and made constant improvements throughout the day. Troy wasn't totally
comfortable in the saddle today, but we are working intensely with him to put
his requests into effect. At the end of the January test he was happy, now the
bike has changed a bit, but I am sure that we will manage to find a good setting
for him, so the RC211V feels like it is his."

Alex Barros - Camel Honda - 2'02.08 (68 laps)

"It was really hot today, and humid too, so it was a challenging day from a
physical point of view. I'm still very satisfied though. We worked in the first
part of the morning getting the bike set-up, seeing as a few of the electronic
components have changed, but despite the track conditions being really bad, I
went quick straight away. Obviously we already have a good base and that is
really positive. In the afternoon we made some more adjustments to the forks and
then I tried three new front tyres from Michelin. They are still just prototypes
which their engineers made after the work we did three weeks ago, and tomorrow
we will try some more, whilst we will also test some rear tyres which I was
unable to try out during the last tests."

Troy Bayliss - Camel Honda - 2'04.45 (59 laps)

"I'm a bit disappointed, I can't deny it, because just a couple of weeks ago I
left Sepang in good shape, yet today things just didn't go too well. On a
positive note, basing things on my experiences at the last test, I know that
working with this team we will eventually find the right direction for the
set-up, because that's all that's missing - the bike is strong and it goes well.
Today to make matters worse the track was in poor conditions, I didn't have a
good feeling and towards the end of the day I crashed as I opened the throttle
and was going rather quick. But I'm fine and I have already agreed with Santi
(Mulero, crew chief) the changes we will make tomorrow."