Press Release
(2005 FIM Road Racing World Championship)
Malaysian 2005 pre-season testing session 2 - MotoGP	
Sepang - Sunday February 13th 2005

Positive end to testing in Malaysia for Camel Honda team

Today saw the conclusion of the Malaysia tests, with temperatures a little lower
than the previous days, allowing the team to work to its full potential. As
such, the Camel Honda team is now looking forward to the next session in their
programme in Australia (from 17th to 19th February), where they hope to complete
the first phase of work on the 2005 RC211V. Alex Barros finished riding at
around one in the afternoon after satisfactorily completing all the scheduled
work with his team. Also satisfied was Nicolas Goubert, Technical Director of
Michelin's motorcycling effort, who along with the Brazilian rider and the Camel
Honda team was able to carry out decisive development work on their new front
tyres. The French tyre manufacturer's race representative was impressed with
Alex's input. Troy Bayliss also made further big steps today, having worked hard
until 4:30pm to continue his adaptation process to the Honda, and today picked
out a set-up which he was happier with and which will start as a base for the
team to work from in Australia.

Sito Pons - Camel Honda 

"I'm really happy with the work Alex, Troy, and the team are doing. There's a
very optimistic and focused atmosphere, and the work is getting done. Troy is
working so hard to adapt to a bike which is so different to the one he's used
to, and from our side the team is doing everything in its power to help adapt
the RC211V to his riding style. Towards the end of the session we picked out
some settings in the electronic management system which gave him a lot of
confidence and which he wants to keep trying in Australia. I'm certain that soon
he will have the confidence he needs to get the most out of the bike. Alex is
moving along swiftly with his work. The level he has already reached, his
confidence and his performance here make me look towards the championship with
great hope, where we were surely be amongst the front runners."

Alex Barros - Camel Honda - 2'01.159 (61 laps)

"I'm leaving Malaysia with a big smile, because everything has gone well, apart
from having caught a bird with my right arm today, which was a little painful,
but nothing. The summary of these three days is therefore a positive one, from
every point of view. The atmosphere in the squad is perfect, I feel comfortable
and we are all working calmly and we are focused. The 2005 bike is different to
last year, mainly because of the electronic management, on which we worked hard
on its set-up: I would say that at least eighty percent of the new things we
have tested have proven to be useful. In the engine and the chassis the
differences are less apparent, but in any case we have found a general base
set-up. We also did some fantastic work with Michelin. The French technicians
have responded perfectly to the requests made in the January test and you can
see the results. Today it was a little cooler than yesterday and I rode even
more laps in the 2'01 bracket! The next test in Australia should give us some
important data, because the conditions are bound to be very different there and
we will be able to see if the set-up we have found here is valid for all

Troy Bayliss - Camel Honda - 2'03.72 (62 laps)

"I'm not as satisfied as I was at the last test we did here in Sepang, even if
the bike hasn't changed that much since then. Anyway, we have picked up lots of
data and today we think we have picked out a better line for the set-up, which I
hope to test in Phillip Island, a track which I obviously know very well and
where I will be able to recognise easier what improvements can be made. I didn't
test many tyres here, because it was better to focus on the bike, but in
Australia I hope to be able to work on them too."