Press Release
(2005 FIM Road Racing World Championship)
Qatar 2005 pre-season testing session - MotoGP
Losail - Wednesday March 2nd 2005

Busy day for Alex and Troy divided between track tests and photo shoots

It was a day full of hard work for Alex and Troy, who today divided their time
between some very positive tests on the track, and preparing the photographic
material for the upcoming team presentation in Milan, on March 16th. The team
therefore made the most of the time at hand, before they dedicate the whole of
next two days to on-track testing - the team actually will keep working here
until Friday. There was a lot of satisfaction flying around the Camel Honda box,
with both riders on the pace despite having put in a lot fewer laps than their

Sito Pons - Camel Honda

"I'm very satisfied with the work both riders and the team are doing: whilst we
only dedicated a part of the day to tests, we we're on a par with the fastest
out there and that means that our preparations are going well for the season.
Alex was fast straight away as in previous test sessions and Troy is constantly
improving on the Honda. He looks a lot more at ease to me now and I think that
this test, after Jerez, is the test he has gone best in. The riders' times are
very similar, and that means there's good balance, which should guarantee a
fascinating and hard-fought season. Today we anticipated a bit of the work we
had to do later in the week, the promotional work had been planned for Friday,
so in the next two days we will have more time to concentrate fully on our
technical testing."

Alex Barros - Camel Honda - 1'57.80 (26 laps) 6th fastest

"We got through twenty-six laps today, so still short of what's needed to get
the set-up right. More than anything we tested new tyres, four fronts to be
exact, before we stopped for the photo shoot. In the next two days, however, we
will focus entirely on the set-up of the bike."

Troy Bayliss - Camel Honda - 1'58.55  (25 laps) 8th fastest

"We didn't ride too much today either, but nonetheless I'm very happy. In those
few laps I was able to improve my time considerably from yesterday's, taking
over two seconds off it! I can see the improvements coming and we've found a
good direction. Tomorrow and Friday we will be able to make the most of all the
time left and we will be able to work on the data we've picked up today."

LAP TIMES(official):

 1. Capirossi (Ita-Ducati)  1'57"69
 2. Tamada (Jap-Honda)      1'57"69
 3. Melandri (Ita-Honda)    1'57"75
 4. Hayden (USA-Honda.)     1'57"78
 5. Biaggi (Ita-Honda.)     1'57"79
 6. Barros (Bra-Honda)      1'57"80
 7. Checa (Spa-Ducati)      1'57"90
 8. Bayliss (Aus-Honda)     1'58"55
 9. Gibernau (Spa-Honda.)   1'58"66
10. Rolfo (Ita-Ducati)      2'03"0