Press Release
(2005 FIM Road Racing World Championship)
Palazzo Mezzanotte -  Milan
Tuesday 16th March 2005

Camel Honda team launches 2005 MotoGP mission

In the prestigious surroundings of the Palazzo della Borsa in Milan, the Camel
Honda team officially presented its 2005 line-up to the world's media. Troy
Bayliss and Alex Barros will this year proudly wear Camel Honda's colours in the
MotoGP World Championship 2005, and appeared on the stage alongside Roberto
Zanni - Senior Vice President of JT International, Ishii Tsutomu - HRC General
Manager and two-times World Champion, Sito Pons - Team Manager.

Roberto Zanni - JT International Worldwide Market and Sales Senior Vice-President

"We chose to have this event here in Milan because Italy is an important market
for JTI, and one where we are particularly competitive. Italy is also a country
of motorsport and because of this we have launched some of our most important
motorsport projects from here; projects which have already been successful and
which pushed Camel into renewing their challenge for the title once more this
season. This is also why we have chosen two extraordinary riders; two racers who
have demonstrated a most fantastic mix of experience and enthusiasm in MotoGP -
Alex Barros and Troy Bayliss. They have an important attribute in common, they
have an incredible desire to get back on top, and as such are hungry for
victory. This makes them two fearful riders on the track for their adversaries.
Speaking of their rivals this year, there is another out there who won't
necessarily be such, because he is a friend who got the opportunity to ride with
the factory team but will still display the Camel brand: Max Biaggi. I'm
enthusiastic about this team and we expect a championship full of excitement
from them."

Ishii Tsutomu - HRC General Manager

"This year we don't have a title to defend and so that objective is of utmost
importance to Honda. I'm looking forward to a very successful season. I think
that with Alex Barros and Troy Bayliss we have the potential to win the
championship, but success is not achieved just by having a top bike and top
riders, you also need good teamwork and the support of a big name like JTI. I am
looking forward to next season with confidence, we want to win the championship
once more."

Sito Pons - Camel Honda

"When we present the team at the beginning of a season, I get the same kind of
excitement as when our bikes are on the starting grid waiting for the green
light. In the team's 24 years there have been many thrilling winning moments and
times which we are happy to remember. It makes us very proud that JTI have
chosen to be our partners once more with the prestigious Camel brand, a leader
at world level with who we now have a relationship going back three years. The
Honda name is now part of the team's history and in my opinion the RC211V is the
best bike. Both our new riders Troy Bayliss and Alex Barros have the necessary
talent and experience to carry out the enviable yet arduous task of taking it to
victory. To complete the winning formula we have Michelin tyres, meaning that
Alex and Troy will have fantastic support in their fight for victory in 2005."

Alex Barros - Camel Honda

"I am delighted to be here today, because returning to this team, to Camel
Honda, is like going back to your friends. This is the first time in two years
that I have felt in perfect physical shape and I think that this can be one of
the high-points of my career. I will start this championship aiming to win,
because as I see it there is no point in fighting for second place. From what I
have seen in the tests so far, I think I can say that next season will be one of
the most competitive ever, there are at least ten riders fighting for the podium
positions. I have got a first rate team, a first rate bike, and I feel good and
I hope to be able to use a bit of my vast experience. It will be a fantastic

Troy Bayliss - Camel Honda

"I have been training extensively and last weekend I got my first podium of the
season, taking third place in a bicycle race in San Remoc! Joking aside, we
head off now for six test days in Barcelona and Jerez and I can't wait to get
started. It is certainly a tough task to get where the others are already, but I
want to be at 100% for the first race. At the moment I would say that I am at
80%. I still need to find a good feeling with the bike, but it is coming.
Obviously for me to compete with the Camel Honda team is a massive change after
so many years with the same bike, but above all it is a great opportunity. The
team is fantastic and is work extremely hard to give me the best support
possible. Our objective now is to find that missing 20 percent in the next
tests. I can't wait for this season to begin."