Press Release
(2005 FIM Road Racing World Championship)
Catalunya 2005 pre-season IRTA test - MotoGP
Barcelona - Saturday March 19th 2005

Camel Honda team amongst the fastest on second day of tests in Barcelona

The Camel Honda team were amongst the front runners throughout the day, with
Alex Barros at the top of the standings for the most time before finishing with
an excellent second fastest time, well under the circuit's pole record. Troy
Bayliss rode at a good pace on race tyres, sliding down the order only once the
other riders had put in their qualifying tyres, which he chose not to use.

Sito Pons - Camel Honda

"For our team this has been a good day; as we expected really after yesterday's
promising start. Alex was quick throughout, and even ahead of the rest on race
tyres meaning that he has definitely got a good rhythm going, but he was also
quick with the softer tyres in. He is the rider to have improved most on
yesterday's performance. Troy didn't use the soft tyre and with the racing tyre
in he has ridden well. I think the pair of them are working well and tomorrow we
can make more progress. These tests here in Barcelona are positive for us and
also for the sport, not just because of the great weather that helps our work,
but there were also a lot of fans here showing their support."

Alex Barros - Camel Honda - 1'42.506 (68 laps) 2nd fastest

"I'm quite satisfied, but not completely, because I think we can go even better
with both the qualification tyres and the race tyres. I lapped consistently
around 1'43.0 whilst I think that the right pace is about a 1'42.8. I want to
get there tomorrow and to do so we will work on the set-up during the morning.
Tomorrow will be a strange day, we won't be able to make use of a hundred
percent of the time to test things. We will begin at 11.30 like today, because
the asphalt is too cold before that. We will stop at 1.00pm to do the official
MotoGP photo and then from 2pm to 2.40pm there will be the qualifying period. It
is the first time I have tested with the qualifying tyres this year, but I
"only" took half a second off my time, whilst I think they are worth more. I
still have to improve there."

Troy Bayliss - Camel Honda - 1'43.810 (95 laps) 13th fastest

"Despite what the lap times show, I'm happy with this second day of work. We
made more progress compared to yesterday and always on the harder tyres. It
isn't a race tomorrow and what is important to me is improving my settings. If
we manage to make a step forward again tomorrow, I will be happy with these
first three days in Spain."

Official Lap Times

 1. Biaggi (Honda)             1'42.260
 2. Alex Barros (Camel Honda)  1'42.506
 3. Gibernau (Honda)           1'42.796
 4. Melandri (Honda)           1'42.926
 5. Hayden (Honda)             1'42.953
 6. Edwards (Yamaha)           1'43.129
 7. Tamada (Honda)             1'43.207
 8. Hopkins (Suzuki)           1'43.250
 9. Rossi (Yamaha)             1'43.291
10. Roberts (Suzuki)           1'43.563
11. Nakano (Kawasaki)          1'43.688
12. Capirossi (Ducati)         1'43.731
13. Bayliss (Camel Honda)      1'43.810
14. Checa (Ducati)             1'43.882
15. Elias (Yamaha)             1'44.343
16. Itoh (Ducati)              1'44.621
17. Hofmann (Kawasaki)         1'44.668
18. Xaus (Yamaha)              1'44.928
19. Rolfo (Ducati)             1'46.036
20. Guareschi (Ducati)         1'46.129
21. Aoki (Suzuki)              1'46.227
22. Byrne (Proton)             1'46.368
23  Ellison (Blata)            1'47.818
24. Battaini (Blata)           1'48.613
25. Shimitzu (Kawasaki)        1'51.822