Press Release
(2005 FIM Road Racing World Championship)
FIM announcement. Changes to the Rules for the 2005 season

The Grand Prix Commission, composed of Messrs. Carmelo Ezpeleta (Dorna,
Chairman), Claude Danis (FIM), Sito Pons (IRTA) and Takanao Tsubouchi (MSMA), in
the presence of Mr Paul Butler (Secretary of the meeting), in a meeting held
yesterday in Barcelona, unanimously decided to introduce the following
modifications to the MotoGP World Championship Regulations (for immediate


1.18    Start Procedure

6)      The Race Director will.(delete: "For 125cc and 250cc")

17)     Unless the race is interrupted, after the leading rider has passed the
finish line at the end of his first lap, no further changes of machines are
permitted. After this time, in the MotoGP class only, the 2 following procedures
will apply:

- If the race has been declared wet (Art. 1.20), changing from a machine
equipped with rain tyre to a machine equipped with intermediate or slick tyre,
changing from a machine equipped with intermediate tyre to a machine equipped
with rain or slick tyre, and changing from a machine equipped with slick tyre to
a machine equipped with intermediate or rain tyre is permitted at any time
during the race.

- If the race has not been declared wet (Art. 1.20), the same machine changes as
mentioned above are permitted only after the white flags have been displayed
around the track.

In both cases, tyre warmers, changing tyres and adjustments are permitted on the
machine in the pit-lane.

1.19    Ride Through Procedure

The rider must respect the speed limit (Art. 1.21.14), in the pit lane.

1.20    "Wet" and "Dry" Races

All races will be categorised as either wet or dry. A board may be displayed on
the grid to indicate the status of the race. If no board is displayed, the race
is automatically dry. The purpose of this classification is to indicate to
riders the consequence of varying climatic conditions during a race.

1.20.1  125 and 250cc races        Dry Races -.(no changes)        Wet Races -.(no changes)        .(no changes)

1.20.2  MotoGP race

A race will not be interrupted for climatic reasons and riders who wish to
change machine (when allowed), tyres or make adjustments must enter the pits and
do so during the actual race.

1.21    Behaviour During Practice and Race

14)     A speed limit of 60 km/h will be enforced in the pit lane at all times
during the event. Riders must respect the speed limit from where the sign 60
km/h is placed up to where the sign 60 Km/h crossed out is placed..

18)     Overtaking is not permitted in the pit lane from where the sign 60 km/h
is placed up to where the sign 60 Km/h crossed out is placed.

Any rider found to have overtaken during the practice will be subject to a fine
of US$ 100.- for the first offence, and US$ 500.- for subsequent offences at the
same event.

Any rider who overtakes in the pit lane during a race will be penalised with a
ride through.

The Race Direction must communicate the offence to the pit of the rider after
having received the information from the Official in charge.

1.22.2  Flags Which Convey Information and Instructions:

        White Flag  (new wording)

Waved at the flag marshal post during the race, this flag indicates that the
riders are allowed to change machine.

1.30    Team personnel in the pit lane

3) The maximum number of team personnel per rider on the signalling platform is
limited to 4 for all the classes.

INFO 2005/13. 20-03-2005