Press Release
(2005 FIM Road Racing World Championship)
YRC News
MotoGP : Rossi opens title defence with determined victory at Jerez
Round: 1 - Jerez MotoGP
Circuit: Jerez
Date: 10 April 2005
Crowd: 127000
Temp: 15ēC
Weather: Windy

Gauloises Yamaha Team rider Valentino Rossi put the gloss on a perfect start to
his defence of the MotoGP World Championship at the Spanish Grand Prix in Jerez
today, smashing the lap record by over two seconds and adding an incredible race
victory to the pole position he took in yesterday's qualifying session. The
reigning World Champion stalked Sete Gibernau (Honda) for almost the entire
race, passing him for the first time two laps from the end but allowing the
Spaniard back in front with a mistake halfway through the final circulation.

The pair diced their way through the decisive series of fast right-handers in
the second half of the lap before Rossi demonstrated that he has talent and
determination in equally abundant measures with a brave pass on the brakes into
the final left-hand hairpin.

The Italian's effort was particularly special thanks to the hard work put in by
the Gauloises Yamaha Team engineers and staff, who worked against the clock to
find the ideal set-up for his YZR-M1 after an uncharacteristic crash in this
morning's warm-up. Meanwhile, Rossi's Gauloises Yamaha team-mate Colin Edwards
kept his promise of passing as many riders as possible after starting from 15th
on the grid. The American made steady progress despite the dusty track surface,
making overtaking precarious anywhere off the racing line, eventually sealing
ninth place on his Yamaha MotoGP debut.

For the Fortuna Yamaha Team-mates Toni Elias and Ruben Xaus it was also a day of
mixed fortunes. In his MotoGP debut Elias put in a strong and consistent
performance that left him with four points after finishing 12th on the day. His
team-mate Xaus, on the other hand, ended the day with a crash in the first lap
and a stop go penalty after entering pit lane too fast while trying to get the
damage repaired - ending the day 18th, two laps down.

Valentino Rossi (Gauloises Yamaha Team) - 1st

"That was an amazing race, an incredible victory and really difficult,
especially after the fall I had this morning in the warm-up. Luckily I wasn't
hurt and the team did a great job to fix the problem and set up my other bike
for the race. Gibernau set a fast pace from the start but I just tried to stay
with him and then attacked at the end. I got in front but I made a mistake on
the last lap on the braking and Gibernau got past. We passed each other again in
the fast rights but I got a better exit and there was enough space for me to
pass him in the final corner, it was the only place where I could pass. We
touched, but motorbike races are sometimes like this. I know Sete is not happy
but there are going to be 16 more races this year and there will be many more
hard battles. The level of this race was really high."

Colin Edwards (Gauloises Yamaha Team) - 9th

"The setting we found for the bike at the tests and during qualifying didn't
seem to work after the change in conditions, and with the wind and the dust this
morning we decided to make some adjustments. We basically went back to the base
setting we'd found at the Phillip Island and Catalunya tests but it didn't work
in the way we had hoped. It was a difficult race; it was hard for me to get any
traction down. Despite that I was in the fight for sixth until another rider
sneaked past on the inside and I lost touch with the group I was following. We
were searching for something and didn't find it but we've learnt a lot as a team
this weekend. Now we have to move on and put this lesson to good use at Estoril."

Jeremy Burgess, Valentino Rossi's crew chief

"In spite of the problems we had this morning, everything came good for the race
- especially Valentino. He rode very intelligently behind Gibernau and then
passed him at the end. He opened out 0.3 seconds in the first section and looked
comfortable but he made a small mistake, which set up a brilliant finale. It's a
great start to the year for us - pole position, a new lap record and the race
win. We couldn't ask for more."

Toni Elias (Fortuna Yamaha Team) - 12th

"First of all I'm really happy because I finished my first MotoGP, and I
finished it in the points. It all went as we had hoped and I even had a chance
to have a good battle with a few quality riders at one stage. Right now I need
to keep progressing in this way. keep learning and developing as I have until
now. I believe it was a really positive day and I'm even surprised that my
physical condition at the end of the race was so good, because it wasn't as
physically demanding as I had expected."

Ruben Xaus (Fortuna Yamaha Team) - 18th

"This was not an easy weekend! I wanted to start my first race with Yamaha in a
steady way but I'm still trying to figure out where I went wrong. I don't know
what happened in the last corner but clearly I made a mistake. I feel so bad for
my team and my fans, that's why I attempted to get back out there to do my best
despite being so far back. I hope this won't be repeated next weekend."

Race classification MotoGP

Round: 1 - Jerez MotoGP
Circuit: Jerez
Circuit Length: 4423m
Lap Record: 1' 40.596 (Valentino Rossi, 2005)
Fastest Lap Ever:  1' 40.596 (Valentino Rossi, 2005)

Race: 27 Laps

Pos. Rider         Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1   V. Rossi      Yamaha        ITA  45'43.156
 2   S. Gibernau   Honda         ESP     +8.631
 3   M. Melandri   Honda         ITA    +18.460
 4   A. Barros     Honda         BRA    +26.938
 5   S. Nakano     Kawasaki      JPN    +27.656
 6   T. Bayliss    Honda         AUS    +28.509
 7   M. Biaggi     Honda         ITA    +30.618
 8   M. Tamada     Honda         JPN    +36.887
 9   C. Edwards    Yamaha        USA    +37.608
10   C. Checa      Ducati        ESP    +39.678
11   A. Hofman     Kawasaki      GER    +42.283
12   T. Elias      Yamaha        ESP    +55.457
13   L. Capirossi  Ducati        ITA  +1' 2.372
14   J. Hopkins    Suzuki        USA  +1'19.346
15   R. Rolfo      Ducati        ITA  +1'33.607
16   J. Ellison    Blata WCM     GBR  +1 lap(s)
17   F. Battaini   Blata WCM     ITA  +1 lap(s)
18   R. Xaus       Yamaha        ESP  +2 lap(s)

Fastest Race Lap:
Pos.  Rider Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time  
 1   V. Rossi      Yamaha        ITA   1'40.596

Championship standings MotoGP

Pos. Rider            Manufacturer  Nat. Points
 1   Valentino Rossi  Yamaha        ITA    25
 2   Sete Gibernau    Honda         ESP    20
 3   Marco Melandri   Honda         ITA    16
 4   Alex Barros      Honda         BRA    13
 5   Shinya Nakano    Kawasaki      JPN    11
 6   Troy Bayliss     Honda         AUS    10
 7   Max Biaggi       Honda         ITA     9
 8   Makato Tamada    Honda         JPN     8
 9   Colin Edwards    Yamaha        USA     7
10   Carlos Checa     Ducati        ESP     6
11   Alex Hofman      Kawasaki      GER     5
12   Toni Elias       Yamaha        ESP     4
13   Loris Capirossi  Ducati        ITA     3
14   John Hopkins     Suzuki        USA     2
15   Roberto Rolfo    Ducati        ITA     1

Manufacturers standings MotoGP

Pos. Manufacturer Points
 1   Yamaha         25
 2   Honda          20
 3   Kawasaki       11
 4   Ducati          6
 5   Suzuki          2

Race classification GP250

Round: 1 - Jerez GP250
Circuit: Jerez
Circuit Length: 4423m
Lap Record: 1' 44.444 (Daijiro Kato, 2001)
Fastest Lap Ever:  1' 43.959 (Daijiro Kato, 2001)

Race: 26 Laps

Pos. Rider          Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1   D. Pedrosa     Honda         ESP  45'36.679
 2   S. Porto       Aprilia       ARG     +2.136
 3   A. de Angelis  Aprilia       SMR    +29.682
 4   A. Dovizioso   Honda         ITA    +36.539
 5   H. Barbera     Honda         ESP    +37.499
 6   J. Lorenzo     Honda         ESP    +37.728
 7   R. Locatelli   Aprilia       ITA    +45.038
 8   A. Debon       Honda         ESP    +56.339
 9   S. Corsi       Aprilia       ITA  +1' 2.844
10   M. Giansanti   Aprilia       ITA  +1'10.708
11   C. Davies      Aprilia       GBR  +1'20.790
12   R. Rous        Honda         CZE  +1'20.950
13   A. Baldolini   Aprilia       ITA  +1 lap(s)
14   A. Ballerini   Aprilia       ITA  +1 lap(s)
15   G. Leblanc     Aprilia       FRA  +1 lap(s)

Fastest Race Lap:
Pos. Rider          Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1   R. de Puniet   Aprilia       FRA   1'44.459

Championship standings GP250

Pos. Rider              Manufacturer  Nat. Points
 1   Daniel Pedrosa     Honda         ESP    25
 2   Sebastian Porto    Aprilia       ARG    20
 3   Alex de Angelis    Aprilia       SMR    16
 4   Andrea Dovizioso   Honda         ITA    13
 5   Hector Barbera     Honda         ESP    11
 6   Jorge Lorenzo      Honda         ESP    10
 7   Roberto Locatelli  Aprilia       ITA     9
 8   Alex Debon         Honda         ESP     8
 9   Simone Corsi       Aprilia       ITA     7
10   Mirko Giansanti    Aprilia       ITA     6
11   Chaz Davies        Aprilia       GBR     5
12   Rodomil Rous       Honda         CZE     4
13   Alex Baldolini     Aprilia       ITA     3
14   Andrea Ballerini   Aprilia       ITA     2
15   Gregory Leblanc    Aprilia       FRA     1

Manufacturers standings GP250

Pos. Manufacturer Points
 1   Honda          25
 2   Aprilia        20