Press Release
(2005 FIM Road Racing World Championship)
Chinese GP- MotoGP 

MotoGP discovers China

Formed in the shape of the Chinese pictogram for 'Shang', the Shanghai
international circuit lies in the Jiading district, barely 30 kilometres from
the modern Chinese metropolis. Second in the teams championship, and second in
the riders championship with Alex Barros after his fantastic victory in
Portugal, Camel Honda this Sunday will take part in the third event of the
MotoGP World Championship. The track is an unknown quantity for everybody, but
also represents an opportunity to explore a new market and to convert a whole
new legion of fans. The atmosphere within the team is excellent and both Camel
Honda riders are excited and motivated.

Sito Pons - Camel Honda

"I think that the Chinese GP is an important moment for MotoGP, having come into
this great country for the first time in its history. It is an enormous
marketing opportunity for our sport and Dorna and the Federation have done a
great job in organising this event. After our team's victory in Portugal the
atmosphere is obviously perfect. I'm sure that we will work just as hard as in
Portugal, with the main aim of repeating this result. The track is a complete
unknown and so it will be important to find the right set-up straight away, and
we have already proved we are capable of doing that."

Alex Barros #4:

"To ride in China will be a bit like when we went to Qatar last year, with the
main difference that the climate should be a lot more similar to oursc I think,
I had better check it out on the internet! I know the track from a video game,
which is really realistic, and it seems quite technical and varied. There are
all sorts of bends, with slow corner entries and a quick exits and vice versa,
long straights, hard-braking areas. It looks like one of the modern style of
tracks, like Sepang but obviously, that's just a 'virtual' feeling for the time
being. We'll see, without a doubt it's a great challenge and an unknown for
everybody. We go there off the back of a great race and so we are all hoping for
another top result. It will be important to get the set-up right early on."

Troy Bayliss #12:

"With Santi (Mulero, Bayliss' crew chief) in Portugal we had a look at the track
design and I know that at the end of the main straight the first corner goes to
the rightcand that's it! Joking aside, I don't know the circuit, but I think
that we will learn it straight away. Apart from the crash, which came about
because of a slippery track, In Estoril we were running a good race, and in
Shanghai we will try to do the same. My confidence on the bike is improving all
the time and I'm working really well with the team. I'm positive."