Press Release
(2005 FIM Road Racing World Championship)
Gauloises Yamaha Team Test
Barcelona, Catalunya
Monday 13th June 2005


Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards cut short their planned one-day test today, as
the good weather from the weekend finally broke and rain moved in over the
Montmelo circuit in Catalunya. After his fifth victory from five races in the
Catalan Grand Prix here yesterday, Rossi planned an early start to the day and
managed 17 laps before the weather turned, gathering some valuable information
for the Yamaha engineers and setting a best lap of 1'44.00. His Gauloises Yamaha
team-mate Colin Edwards, who finished seventh in yesterday's race, had been
hoping to check some settings and do some tyre work, but the rain halted him and
he completed only two laps before deciding to call it a day. Riders from Honda,
Ducati, WCM and Kawasaki, as well as David Checa on the Fortuna Yamaha bike,
decided to stay on to test throughout the afternoon despite the bad weather.

Valentino Rossi (17 laps, 1'44.00)

"We were expecting the rain and so we managed to get most of our work done in
time before it came. It was a short but very important test. We tried some new
engine parts so we could tell the engineers the right way to take in their
development. There were some good and some bad things, and we needed to decide
on one direction. We've decided that we probably won't use these new parts at
the next race in Holland, but we might try them in the US."

Colin Edwards (2 laps)

"It's a real shame the weather didn't hold out, because we had some work to do
and we were really hoping to clear some things up today. Unfortunately, as I
rode out of the garage it started to rain so I didn't even finish my second
lap! I guess we could have done some work in the wet this afternoon, but that
wasn't part of our plan and to be honest it wasn't going to get wet enough for
effective rain testing. Now we'll just have to use the time we have in Assen
really well so we're ready to race there."

Davide Brivio

"We started early because we knew it was going to rain, and we needed to try to
do some work before the bad weather came. Valentino managed to do most of the
things we needed to do and has been able to give some important information to
the engineers to help with the future development of the bike. The only thing we
weren't able to do before the rain came was some tyre testing for Michelin. For
Colin we wanted to go back and check some settings and some tyres, in order to
better understand what happened yesterday. The rain didn't help and cut short
our plans, so now we will wait until Assen, which is a track that Colin really
likes and we hope will be good for him."