Press Release
(2005 FIM Road Racing World Championship)
New on board GPS data for TV graphics

A new feature in the TV graphics for the MotoGP broadcasts is being introduced
this weekend during the Alice Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland, showing riders'
precise situation on the track in real time.

The system, based on GPS technology, has been jointly developed by the teams,
motorcycle manufacturers, leather suit manufacturers and Dorna Sports engineers.

A transmitter-receiver, mounted either on the bike (GPS Data Bike) or inside the
back protector of the rider's leather (GPS Data Rider), sends real time
information to the TV International Program Feed unit, where it is converted
into graphics and is inserted in the final television signal.

This data is transmitted thanks to the On Board system installed on the bike.

In the case of the experimental system installed inside the leather's back
protection, a new radio-frequency tool has been developed to transmit data from
the rider to the bike via bluetooth technology, avoiding cables or hard
connections between the rider and the bike. This will allow the introduction of
extended information in the future, such as rider body temperature, heartbeat,

Riders carrying GPS systems at Sachsenring:

1.. GPS Data Rider: Byrne - Proton KTM - Alpinestars

2.. GPS Data Bike: Rossi - Yamaha
                   Edwards - Yamaha
                   Hayden - Honda

INFO 2005/115. 30-07-2005