Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Scuderia SC Caracchi-NCR

(Doha 2005, February 24)

The incredibility happened this morning on Losail circuit, when the rider which
joined the track in the middle of desert found the rain and the wet asphalt.
Placed in the desert, about 30 kms north far from Doha, the Qatar's capital,
Losail is a track 5,38kms long, with six corners turning right and ten turning
left. On the border line of the asphalt there's synthetic grass to devoid the
sable could invade the racing surface.

The wet track ruined all the setting work made by the teams during the last week
end and several riders preferred to remain in the garage, as Fonsi Nieto.
Lorenzo Lanzi on the contrary rode some lap to control he validity of the wet
set up made in Valencia. During the afternoon, for the first qualifying session,
dry track, as well the air temperature was quite mild, just 21C with an high
humidity rate. At the end of the one hour-long practice Lanzi recorded the 17th
fastest, followed of two positions by Nieto, just seven tenth of second behind
his teammate.

"Our bikes are still in the faster group at the speed trap, as well today we
didn't record the top speed". - has been the final comment by Caracchi. "The
situation isn't very different from last Sunday test: very fast machines, both
the riders on the top at the first intermediate time, then in the following
sectors we have setting problems. Of course we haven't any reference about this
circuit and every new situation force the team to start from zero. The sable too
is a problem: it's important to find the best riding line, to have an idea of
the asphalt characteristics to understand where there's a better grip or where
is better to stay quiet, where we could overtook during the race. Now we must be
focused on the final qualifying session tomorrow morning because both Lanzi and
Nieto are out with the provisional Superpole  qualifying, as well it happened to
many expert riders. An hard fight is waiting for us tomorrow!"

In Supersport Gianluca Nannelli on the 749R, after a brilliant fourth fastest in
the morning wet session, had a crash during the initial stage of qualifying
session, ending as ninth fastest, far from the leader.

"I had any physical damage for the crash". - reassures Gianluca Nannelli at  the
end of the practice. "But to rejoin the pit and to control the spare bike we
lose some time. Our situation is very similar of the last test: today too I've
been the fastest in the first intermediate, then in the central sector I lose
time. The bike is still the fastest under the speed trap. Obviously the wet
track during the morning, as well useful to set the bike for wet conditions in
the possibility, very improbable for the truth, of wet race condition, and the
crash during qualifying in the afternoon didn't help us today."