Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Scuderia SC Caracchi-NCR

(Doha 2005, February 25)

Nothing to do for Caracchi's riders in Qatar. The variable weather, with
continuous rain shower and wet track let out with Superpole qualifying both
Lorenzo Lanzi and Fonsi Nieto in Superbike, as well Gianluca Nannelli in
Supersport too has not been able as yesterday laptime, more he lost another
position in the starting grid.

"The injured leg give me some pain". - said a disappointed Gianluca Nannelli at
the end of the practice. "The two-day practice have been quite hard:we could run
just a small time and always without grip. Now we have several doubt for the
front tyre, while the rear is OK, and we have just the tomorrow warm up session
to find a decision. That's true, everybody is in the same situation, but that
isn't a comfort. Tomorrow it'll be a very hard race, because the tyres could
work just a few laps and that's a true lottery which could make more complicated
this debut race. By luck our bike is always very fast, that's a good advantage.

In Superbike Lorenzo Lanzi tried uselessly, on the wet track, to earn the
Superpole, qualifying access, but he earned only a crash, luckely without
consequences. On the wet track Fonsi Niete showed his "skipper's" qualities,
reaching the forth position of the wet session, but the looking how was useless
his efforts to earn positions, the Spanish rider preferred to stay calme. The
smile went back in Lanzi's pit during the second free practice, when Lorenzo
recorded the ninth fastest, almost a second slower as the leader, and that is a
good hopeness for tomorrow races.

"Frankly we got a black misfortune today, and this debut hasn't been exciting".
- admits Stefano Caracchi. "But this afternoon Lorenzo rode very well and
tomorrow he could ride a good race. Also Nieto is still more confident with his
999RSand he's a rider who never surrender to the enemy, in the hot fight he
could grab a positive result."