Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Troy Corser News
Round 1 , Losail (Qatar)
Saturday, 26th February 2005
The Race
Circuit: 5.380 kms
Weather: Overcast, mostly dry


Troy marked his Alstare Suzuki race debut with a perfect start in the opening
round of this years Superbike World Championship in Qatar today. He was
comfortably leading the race when it was red-flagged (because of rain) after ten
laps. By the time it was restarted, the track had dried out again and this time
Troy ended third, behind team mate Yukio Kagayama and Regis Laconi (Ducati). But
Troy was very close behind Laconi, so he knew that when the times of the two
parts were aggregated, he would be the winner. It was Troys first SBK race win
since 2001 and Suzukis first win since the same year. Yukio took second spot,
with Laconi third. Troy led the second race and was once again looking in
control until the oil flags came out after seven laps. Troy took it cautiously
at the scene of the spillage and nearly crashed, but Yukio sailed through with
hardly a problem. Troy tried to attack his team mate straightway, but Yukio had
pulled out a bit of an advantage and was going strongly. As the race wore on,
Troys tyres began to wear out and he had no choice but to let Laconi past.
Yukio won the race, with Laconi second and Troy took third. Troys first and
third puts him second in the points standing, just four points behind his team
mate Yukio, so all in all it was a perfect start for Team Alstare Suzuki Corona
Extra and Troy and Yukio.

TROY - Race 1: 1st, Race 2: 3rd

"Well the only thing that wouldve been a better result today wouldve been if I
had won both races! And, I might not have been far off doing that! But for the
team, it was a perfect result with each of their riders winning one race apiece
and ending the day first and second in the championship. Its a bit of a dream
start for us, but I think its a pretty just reward for all the work weve done
so far. I knew we were going to be competitive straightaway and I knew that
Yukio would be a threat here, because hes one of the few riders who has ridden
here before - and it showed. I felt very comfortable and relaxed in the first
race and the stoppage was just a bit of hiccup. Once we restarted that one and
it was dry, I knew exactly what I had to do (stay close to Regis) and take the
win. I had to be reminded of my last SBK win, but I have never lost that winning
feeling, believe me. I was so happy for Francis, Patricia and the rest of the
team because I know what sort of effort has gone into making this all possible.

In race two, there was a chance of a double, but oil on the track and a slightly
strange tyre feel kinda stopped that. If I had chased second, there was more then
a good chance I would have crashed, so I settled for third instead. This is a
long, hard championship, so I am happy to take a third and be just four points
behind Yukio in the standings. I knew before the seasons start that he would be
a threat - and he has proved he is. I think Ducati are going to get stronger and
this year is going to be great for race fans everywhere. Now Im off to Phillip
Island - one of my favourite circuits and one I know very well - and theres a
chance of another couple of podiums for sure. Heres hoping!."


Race 1 (aggregate):
 1 TROY CORSER (Aus-Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra)
 2 Kagayama (J-Suzuki)
 3 Laconi (F-Ducati)
 4 Pitt (Aus-Yamaha)
 5 Haga (J-Yamaha)
 6 Toseland (GB-Ducati)
 7 Silva (E-Yamaha)
 8 Vermeulen (Aus-Honda)
 9 Muggeridge (Aus-Honda)
10 Abe (J-Yamaha)

Race 2:
 1 Kagayama
 2 Laconi
 4 Vermeulen
 5 Chili (I-Honda)
 6 Toseland
 7 Abe
 8 Neukirchner (D-Honda)
 9 Pitt
10 Gimbert (F-Yamaha)


 1 Kagayama     45
 3 Laconi       36
 4 Vermeulen    21
 5 Pitt         20
 6 Toseland     20
 7 Haga         16
 8 Abe          15
 9 Chili        11
10 Silva         9