Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Scuderia SC Caracchi-NCR

(Doha 2005, February 26)

Not a lucky day today for the riders of Scuderia Caracchi in Qatar, as well
everybody scored some point for the championship on Losail track, showed by the
rain today too.

Which got more has been Fonsi Nieto, very fast during the wet warm up in the
morning. The Spanish rider ended twice in 13th position the two races scheduled
for Superbike event. In Race-1 Fonsi started as lightning, ending the first lap
in 8th position and running seventh a couple of lap later, but the front tyre
stopped working and Fonsi must yield some position; at the moment that the race
has been stopped by red flag he was in 11th position. At the second start all
the space before him have been closed and he wasn't able to repeat the first
holeshoot, so someone has been able to overtook him in the final aggregate
classification. Also at Race-2 start Fonsi couldn't find any free space to pass,
and he remained locked in the group; more during the third lap an hard braking
action by Muggas forced him to lose moro positions, sending him in 19th
position. From that moment on Fonsi made a good progression with several
overtaking that gave him the final 13th position under the chequered flag.

"I should be satisfied, but I'm only partially". - commented his performance
Fonsi Nieto. "During Race-1 it has been fantastic to stay with the best for a
few laps, then some trouble on the front slowed me. For the second heat we made
a dry set up, but the track was still wet in several points, more I've been
looked into the group at the start, while some rider which were behind me when
the race stopped find the way free and have been able to recover their delay, so
I lost some position. Also in Race-2 at the start I didn't find any space, then
after a few laps an Honda has been close to send me out and I must push hardly
to get some position."

After the yesterday free practice session Lorenzo Lanzi was confident to get
their trouble solution, but after the warm up things were differently. During
Race-1, in the wet heat, Lorenzo wasn't fast, then at the new start things were
better as long as somebody send him in the gravel, in a three bike crash with
him, Gimbert and Neukirchner. In Race-2 Lanzi had a better start and rode all
the 18 lap race just behind the group fighting for the fourth place: he could
see his rivals before him, but without be able to cacth them, and ended in 12th

"During Race-1 everything has been wrong, from the set up to the crash at a few
laps to finish.". - said Lorenzo Lanzi. "I don't know exactly who shooted me,
but I felt a big shot and I found myself in the gravel together two riders. I
felt a bad pain in my right leg, but by luck nothing important, only pain and no
fracture! During Race-2 I started at the shoulder of a big group engaged in a
close figt, but I've been not able to catch them. At the end that was
frustrating and I close the throttle, looking to finish the race."

Race without emotions for Gianluca Nannelli in Supersport. Also for the Tuscany
native rider the warm up didn't give any positive result. At the start Gianluca
had a splendid holeshot, moving aside Fujiwara stopped in the front row because
his hesitancy engine. At half of the first lap Nannelli was about sixth-seventh
placed when,  Fujiwara, just him, engaged in a wild recovering, in practice did
send him out, forcing him to slow to remain in the track and to lose several

"I was hoping more and more, but the rain during the warm up didn't allow us to
select a good set up, on the contrary we made a more safe setting, but losing
some speed". - said an disappointed Gianluca Nannelli. "I made a very good
start, but in the middle of the first lap Fujiwara overtook me very hard in the
internal side and I must use a largest line, so I lost several places. Then I
could only to look for finish the race and score some important point for the