Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Troy Corser News
Valencia (Spain), Sunday 13th March 2005
Circuit: 5.380 kms  Weather: Dry, sunny/cloudy


The two-day Valencia tests ended with Troy on top of the pile and happy how
productive they had been. Compared to recent weather conditions both days were
almost perfect, though the track was suffering from a bit of overuse by the F1
teams and the rubber laid down caused a few people problems. Troy ended with a
time of 1:35.566, but narrowly missed out on a 1:35 flat in the final session.
With less then five minutes of the final day remaining, Troy's team mate Yukio
Kagayama leapt up into second place. so show, that this year, the Suzuki GSX
R1000 is the bike to beat. Aussie Chris Vermeulen (Honda) finished third
quickest overall, with Regis Laconi (Ducati) fourth, ahead of Karl Muggeridge
(Honda) and Noriyuki Haga (Yamaha).

TROY - 1st, 1:35.566

That was just about as perfect a test as it could have been.  OK, we all had
some grip problems - probably down to the amount of rubber on the track put down
by the F1 boys - but we tried many different things and learnt a lot. We now
have some really good ideas about which directions to take and the whole team is
happy. There's a great camaraderie in the team and everybody was happy when
Yukio stole second fastest time right at the end. He had been having a lot of
grip problems throughout the two days and that, coupled with the fact he has
only tested here once before (maybe three or fours ago) meant that he had to
learn the track as well. I really wasn't pushing hard in the tests, whereas
Regis (Laconi) seemed to be riding as if it was a race! He was throwing it in
here, there and everywhere trying to get the fastest time. I know that his team
boss Tardozzi had a qualifying tyre ready on his bike at the end and Regis was
to go out and try and beat my time, but the session was red-flagged with about
three or minutes left. That meant that Regis couldn't go out. Shame, eh?
Everything these two days has been productive and positive and now I feel we're
in great shape for our next race, which happens to be Phillip Island - a place I
know really well and like a lot! I'll be aiming for two podiums, but a double
win would be the icing on the cake.

Overall best times and total laps for the two days

 1 TROY CORSER (AUS ­ Suzuki)       1.35.566 126 laps
 2 Kagayama (J ­ Suzuki)            1.35.698 134 laps
 3 Chris Vermeulen (AUS ­ Honda)    1.35.724 126 laps
 4 Rιgis Laconi (I ­ Ducati)        1.35.881 126 laps
 5 Karl Muggeridge (AUS ­ Honda)    1.36.084 124 laps
 6 Noriyuki Haga (J ­ Yamaha)       1.36.347 115 laps
 7 Jose Luξs Cardoso (ESP ­Yamaha)  1.36.433  94 laps
 8 Andrew Pitt (AUS ­ Yamaha)       1.36.766 127 laps
 9 Chris Walker (GB ­ Kawasaki)     1.36.793 108 laps
10 Pierfrancesco Chili (I ­ Honda)  1.36.613 103 laps