Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Scuderia SC Caracchi-NCR

(Valencia 2005, March 13)

Two days of World Superbike testing ended today in Valencia just two weeks
before round 2 of the championship at Phillip Island (Australia) next April 3.

Very satisfied is Gianluca Nannelli for the week-end work, also if some small
trouble didn't allow him to held the fifth position. Nannelli made a total of 84
laps in the two days test and got a good setting on his 749R Ducati.

"Today too we practiced always with full tank." - commented a satisfied Gianluca
Nannelli at the end of the test - "We made a big work also today and in the
afternoon I was quite tired because during the night I didn't sleep well, so I
was not all Ok today. In the afternoon the track wasn't fast and nobody has been
able to improve his performance. In the morning on the contrary the track was
good and I've recorded a quicker laptime too. Unfortunately when we used a
softer tyre looking a faster lap we've done a mistake and the tyre pressure
wasn't correct, it was too high and the byke was sliding all round the track. I
recorded my fastest performance with a race tyre. So I suppose to be able for
recording a quicker laptime, because we rode always in race conditions, with
full gas tank and hard tyre, getting a good pace for several laps. In the
afternoon I was tired, we tested several solution more with good results,
unfortunately when we put a softer tyre we had some trouble with the engine an I
must stop. I'm quite pleased with that we did in these past two days, both for
me as for the team and the bike. I feel to be not jet at the same level as the
leader, at least looking at the single laptime, but my pace is pretty fast and,
all things considered we are not far from the top, so I'm quite satisfied and
I'm confident to fight in the leading group, also if I'll be not able to win."

Less satisfaction for the Superbike results where, as improving their yesterday
laptime, both Lorenzo Lanzi and Fonsi Nieto lost several positions, as well the
gap is quite close. Looking at Fonsi Nieto, just 26th fastest, with a gap of
something more as a second from the tenth fastest.

"Actually I was hoping in something better." - said at the end of the day
Lorenzo Lanzi. "I don't love this track, also if last year I reached the fourth
final place in Supersport race. The main problem during the two days has been on
the rear, while I had a good feeling with the front. Unfortunately on the rear
we have not been able, with our setting, to use at the best the race tire we
selected, missing the rear grip that my riding style wishes. On the contrary
with qualifying tyre I felt well and with something more we could enter the top
ten, a position I believe to be correct for us in this moment. Now we are
leaving to Australia. I love that track and for that occasion I'm confident we
could learn something from the difficulties we got today. I wont to stay with
the leaders, we have to work but we'll do it."

Fonsi Nieto is quite disappointed for today's result. Fonsi has done a great
work with the bike setting, but the results have been not at the level that his
job and the team work despite.

"Today too I couldn't be satisfied looking at the final position in the grid
after a five hours of testing today." - said the Spanish rider analyzing his
practice day. "I'm behind in the results list, as well the tenth position is not
too far. So I'm believing that, despite we are behind, we got a good work. We
tested a lot of solutions, sometime finding a good result, some other with any
result. Those two days testing have been very useful because finally I could run
on the dry. We focused most on race conditions so I rode always with race tyres,
also to control their wear. We didn't use the qualifying tyres, we could improve
something for the laptime, bur now I need to get experience for the race. So I
go on working and learning, at every practice session I improve my performance,
as if not so fast as I wish because I would to be immediately at the top level.
But the team works well and I'm confident we'll be early on the top group."