Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Scuderia SC Caracchi-NCR

(Phillip Island, 3 aprile 2005)

Race-2 was safe at Phillip Island from a black day for Scuderia SC Caracchi
riders. In the race-2 stopped by red flag for an unattended rain shower Fonsi
Nieto performed a brilliant catching up, ending in fifth position and earning,
in very difficult conditions, his first World Superbike points. In points in
race-2 Lorenzo Lanzi too; in race-1 the rider from Cesena, has been fantastic
recorivering positions and positions in a full attack race, but he's been
excluded from the final placing after the technical control because his bike has
been found 100 grams lighter as the allowed weight limit!

To forget the Supersport race, started an hour later waiting for the dry track,
where Gianluca Nannelli crached just after the start.

"Yesterday's practices weren't very good, but we had the hope that finally we
found the right way." - Said a finally smiling Fonsi Nieto after scoring his
first World Superbike points."During the morning's warm up, in wet conditions, I
scored the second fastest, but late the track dried and race-1 started in dry
conditions. I got a good start and at the end of the first lap I was 17th, then
somebody knocked into my rear tyre and I lost a couple of positions, but the
following lap I recovered them. I was riding quite well, but during the fourth
lap I crashed and I finished my race in the gravel. During race-2 I didn't get a
fast start, but right away I started recovering positions and when the Race
Director stopped the race for the rain I was in a safe 13th position. Then
during the second heat, in wet condition, I went on to earn positions ending
fifth overall, despite a mistake during fifth lap without which I could reach a
better final place I'm quite satisfied, not only for the result, but more
because for the first time I rode a right set bike; finally we can see the light
at the end of the tunnel."

Also Lorenzo Lanzi ended in the points a difficult race, he started from 27th
position, but most he suffered the decision of the Jury to exclude him from the
result in race-1 for not respecting the bike's weight limit.

"I rode a splendid race, always pushing and recovering positions lap by lap." -
said at the end Lorenzo Lanzi. "I didn't get a quick start, but at half race I
had already the 13th position, the when I reached Sanchini in the fight with him
I've lost my fast pace, ending the race as 12th! The exclusion from the result
because my bike was 100 grams lighter as the rules is formally correct, but it
has been an heavy blow for my spirit. During race-2 I got a better start and
after a few corners I had already the 16th position, but a heavy running into my
backside from a Kawasaki returned meat the 25th position at the end of second
lap. Then I've seen thatI was recovering once more and I dwellen on my action.
When the red flag appeared I had the 16th position and during the second heat I
ended in 10th position, scoring the 13th overall. That's not enough to mitigate
our disappoint, but at the least this hellish week end isnt been a complete

A complete disaster on the contrary has been the Supersport race, with Gianluca
Nannelli out of the race just after a few corners for a crash during the first

"I'm quite sorry to have ruined all our work with this crash after only three
cornes." - confessed Gianluca. "The long wait for the start, an hour, decided by
the Race Director for safety reasons made me very nervous, and I push hard from
the start because I wont to remain in the top group.. Probably the tyres were
still cold and I crashed. That's really a pity because during the warm up the
machine performed well and I had the possibility for a good race, as shows the
good result scored by Van de Goorbergh, that I've been always quicker during all
the week end."