Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
YRC News
WSB : 'Fighting' fifth for Pitt in Phillip Island
Round: 2 - Australia
Circuit: Phillip Island
Date: 3 April 2005
Crowd: 58000
Temp: 30C
Weather: Showers

Yamaha Motor Italia rider Andrew Pitt ended his race day at Phillip Island
battered and bruised after crashes on race weekend, but his fifth place in the
dry race one was the best individual result for his team and all the Yamaha

High winds made the opening world superbike race a true challenge for all riders
involved and, adding to the complications and delays, the second race was a
two-part race, the first leg dry and the second wet.

Norick Abe (Yamaha Motor France IPONE) left Phillip Island with a biggest points
haul of any Yamaha rider, with a sixth place finish, behind Pitt, and an eighth
in the second race.

Yamaha Motor Italia rider Noriyuki Haga looked like producing one of the rides
of the day in race one, but was forced to retire with an electrical problem on
the main straight after 11 laps. The Japanese ace had started the race in 19th
place after a nightmare qualifying session, but had charged through the pack to
fourth place at the end of the first lap. Haga was fighting in the pack
contesting fourth to eighth place when he retired. A crash at exactly the same
spot as Pitt in the wet section of race two left him without a point after a
difficult weekend.

Yamaha Motor France IPONE rider Norick Abe was well in contention, as high as
fourth at one stage, but finishing in an eventual sixth place. His fellow Yamaha
Motor France IPONE team-mate Sebastien Gimbert ended race one 11th and was
forced to retire when his machine cut out, after an electrical connector came
loose in race two following an off track excursion while avoiding a fallen rider.

Troy Corser (Suzuki) took both wins from team mate Yukio Kagayama and now leads
the championship with 91 points. Abe holds sixth position in the championship
table, with 33 points, two ahead of seventh place man Pitt, on 31. Haga's no
score sees him 11th, with the 16 points he brought from Qatar, while Gimbert is
14th, on 11 points.

Andrew Pitt (Yamaha Motor Italia)

"I feel like I've been in a boxing ring for 15 rounds. I was very careful
through turn eight and I just touched the throttle, to get ready for the corner,
and I went straight over the handlebars. It was the first lap, the tyre was new
and cold. The same thing happened to Haga. The weather conditions, with so much
wind and then the rain, were as bad as any I've ridden in here."

Noriyuki Haga (Yamaha Motor Italia)

"We did not have a good weekend here. We chose the same wet tyre as this morning
but the feeling was not the same as we had earlier. We just have to move on to
Valencia and forget about today."

Massimo Meregalli (Team Coordinator - Yamaha Motor Italia)

"Up to yesterday Andrew was pretty good and finished fifth in the first race.
Then it started to rain and he fell in the first lap of the re-start, same place
as Noriyuki. Both riders say that they don't know why and there were four riders
off in total on exactly the same corner, so it seems strange. When it is wet
anything can happen, but for me the dry result for Andrew was OK. Every time we
ride with the new bike there is a small improvement."

Norick Abe (Yamaha Motor France IPONE)

"It has been a long time since I rode or practiced in the rain, so I did not
have the right rain settings. We made the suspension much softer for the race
but it was not enough. It was not bad in race one. I am sixth in the
championship and that's because I always make the most of things in the races. I
think soon we can get to the podium."

Sbastien Gimbert (Yamaha Motor France IPONE)

"I had to run off the track in race two when another rider crashed and then the
bike started to misfire. Race one was not so good either, as I suffered clutch
problems. It's been a very disappointing weekend not good for me. I made a good
start in race two, which is the hardest thing to accept."

Martial Garcia (Team Manager - Yamaha Motor France IPONE)

"Abe was not in a bad situation until the rain came. He was in with the front
runners in the dry but when it rained he slipped back a little, as he couldn't
get the grip. He is sixth in the championship so that's not so bad. An unhappy
weekend for Sbastien, but there will be better ones."

Race classification WSB

Round:  2 - Australia
Circuit:  Phillip Island
Circuit Length:  4448m
Lap Record:  1' 33.019 (Troy Corser, 2001)
Fastest Lap Ever:  1' 32.193 (Troy Corser, 2001)

Race 1: 22 Laps

Pos. Rider           Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1   T. Corser       Suzuki        AUS  35'15.199
 2   Y. Kagayama     Suzuki        JPN     +8.279
 3   C. Vermeulen    Honda         AUS    +12.551
 4   M. Neukirchner  Honda         GER    +12.761
 5   A. Pitt         Yamaha        AUS    +13.204
 6   N. Abe          Yamaha        JPN    +15.116
 7   R. Laconi       Ducati        FRA    +17.195
 8   K. Muggeridge   Honda         AUS    +33.821
 9   C. Walker       Kawasaki      GBR    +34.010
10   G. Bussei       Kawasaki      ITA    +42.594
11   S. Gimbert      Yamaha        FRA    +42.851
12   L. Lanzi        Ducati        ITA    +43.181
13   M. Sanchini     Kawasaki      ITA    +44.556
14   I. Clementi     Kawasaki      ITA    +44.804
15   J. Toseland     Ducati        GBR  +1' 1.011
17   M. Praia        Yamaha        POR  +1 lap(s)

Race 2: 22 Laps

Pos. Rider           Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1   T. Corser       Suzuki        AUS  37'34.183
 2   Y. Kagayama     Suzuki        JPN     +5.822
 3   M. Neukirchner  Honda         GER    +10.897
 4   C. Vermeulen    Honda         AUS    +18.757
 5   F. Nieto        Ducati        ESP    +53.089
 6   A. Corradi      Ducati        ITA    +54.127
 7   R. Laconi       Ducati        FRA    +58.076
 8   N. Abe          Yamaha        JPN  +1' 3.328
 9   G. Bussei       Kawasaki      ITA  +1' 4.355
10   M. Sanchini     Kawasaki      ITA  +1' 8.754
11   B. Bostrom      Honda         USA  +1'14.447
12   A. Stroud       Suzuki        NZL  +1'16.710
13   L. Lanzi        Ducati        ITA  +1'20.004
14   M. Praia        Yamaha        POR  +2'44.473

Fastest Race Lap:
Pos. Rider           Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1   T. Corser       Suzuki        AUS   1'34.917

Championship standings WSB

Pos. Rider                Manufacturer  Nat. Points
 1   Troy Corser          Suzuki        AUS    91
 2   Yukio Kagayama       Suzuki        JPN    85
 3   Regis Laconi         Ducati        FRA    54
 4   Chris Vermeulen      Honda         AUS    50
 5   Max Neukirchner      Honda         GER    37
 6   Norifumi Abe         Yamaha        JPN    33
 7   Andrew Pitt          Yamaha        AUS    31
 8   James Toseland       Ducati        GBR    22
 9   Giovanni Bussei      Kawasaki      ITA    20
10   Fonsi Nieto          Ducati        ESP    17
11   Noriyuki Haga        Yamaha        JPN    16
12   Karl Muggeridge      Honda         AUS    15
13   Pierfrancesco Chili  Honda         ITA    11
14   Sebastien Gimbert    Yamaha        FRA    11
15   Mauro Sanchini       Kawasaki      ITA    11
20   Ivan Silva           Yamaha        ESP     9
22   Marco Borciani       Yamaha        ITA     4
24   Miguel Praia         Yamaha        POR     2

Manufacturers standings WSB

Pos. Manufacturer Points
 1   Suzuki        100
 2   Ducati         56
 3   Honda          53
 4   Yamaha         41
 5   Kawasaki       21
 6   Petronas        1

WSS : Curtain takes 'miracle' podium

Round: 2 - Australia
Circuit: Phillip Island
Date: 3 April 2005
Crowd: 58000
Temp: 25C
Weather: Windy

Yamaha Motor Germany rider Kevin Curtain showed true determination to take
second place in his home race at Phillip Island after a last minute decision to
change the suspension settings on his YZF-R6 paid dividends.

Having suffered throughout the qualifying sessions with traction problems,
Curtain's mechanics fitted a new rear shock absorber for race day - but were
unable to properly test the new settings due to wet conditions in the pre-race

Starting from fourth on the grid, the experienced Australian traded the lead
with Sebastien Charpentier (Honda) in the opening laps of the dry race, before
the Frenchman started to pull a slight gap with 17 of the 21 laps completed.
With a clear gap back to third place, Curtain was able to hold on for his second
successive second place at Phillip Island and his first podium of the season.

Curtain's team-mate Broc Parkes showed true Australian grit to ride bravely
after a high-speed crash during the previous day's free practice session. The
youngster started down in 12th place after missing final qualifying but was able
to ride a steady and professional race to come home in seventh place, moving him
up to fifth overall in the championship standings.

The start of race was delayed due to high winds, which made the conditions
difficult throughout the race. Frenchman Fabien Foret (Honda) took third place
after a race-long battle with Katsuaki Fujiwara (Honda). The result ensures that
both Curtain and Parkes move up one place in the championship positions, to
third and fifth place respectively. With two rounds gone, Charpentier leads the
championship with 45 points, ahead of Fujiwara on 38 and Curtain on 33.

Kevin Curtain (Yamaha Motor Germany)

"It was a tough race, especially with the wind, which was probably the strongest
I have ever experienced in my many years here. When I hit the front I thought
that maybe, just maybe, I could win this one but again it wasn't to be. I have
to thank my team because all weekend we have had bike traction problems but
today they found a miracle solution. As the practice was wet this morning I
hadn't been able to test changes, so I went into the race with an untried shock.
Thankfully they went the right way and this is a great reward for all the hard
work they've done this weekend."

Broc Parkes (Yamaha Motor Germany)

"Last night I thought I wouldn't be able to finish the race, so to get a seventh
is actually a good result. I actually felt ok when I was on the bike but I felt
my riding was off the pace. Still, when I lay on the track after crashing
yesterday I was sure that I had broken some bones. It is important to get some
good points so overall I am happy with how I went today."

Terrell Thien (Team Manager - Yamaha Motor Germany)

"We're really happy with Kevin's result here although it was a shame that we did
not have a dry free practice session this morning, because if we had we would
have realized that we also needed to change the front suspension too. In the
race the rear shock pushed the front so hard that Kevin's front tyre was
destroyed by the end. I was happy that Broc could enter first of all and, after
10 laps, he was in pain all over. But he rode clever and finished the race, and
now we are all looking forward to the next race in Valencia. We are learning
more about the bike every race and we made good progress in our recent Valencia
test without actually being able to try everything we wanted to."

Race classification WSS

Round:  2 - Australia
Circuit:  Phillip Island
Circuit Length:  4448m
Lap Record:  1' 36.642 (Katsuaki Fujiwara, 2003)
Fastest Lap Ever:  1' 35.291 (Chris Vermeulen, 2003)

Race 1: 21 Laps

Pos. Rider                 Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1   S. Charpentier        Honda         FRA  34'28.920
 2   K. Curtain            Yamaha        AUS     +3.595
 3   F. Foret              Honda         FRA     +9.641
 4   K. Fujiwara           Honda         JPN     +9.664
 5   J. van den Goorbergh  Ducati        NED    +29.602
 6   J. Stigefelt          Honda         SWE    +34.168
 7   B. Parkes             Yamaha        AUS    +42.695
 8   S. Chambon            Honda         FRA    +46.360
 9   T. Lauslehto          Honda         FIN    +48.976
10   C. Cogan              Suzuki        FRA    +56.859
11   X. Fores              Suzuki        ESP  +1'20.356
12   D. Garcia             Kawasaki      ITA  +1'20.461
13   T. Miksovsky          Honda         CZE  +1'28.701
14   P. Szkopek            Honda         POL  +1 lap(s)

Fastest Race Lap:
Pos. Rider                 Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1   S. Charpentier        Honda         FRA   1'37.438

Championship standings WSS

Pos. Rider                     Manufacturer  Nat. Points
 1   Sebastien Charpentier     Honda         FRA    45
 2   Katsuaki Fujiwara         Honda         JPN    38
 3   Kevin Curtain             Yamaha        AUS    33
 4   Fabien Foret              Honda         FRA    27
 5   Broc Parkes               Yamaha        AUS    19
 6   Stephane Chambon          Honda         FRA    17
 7   Michel Fabrizio           Honda         ITA    16
 8   Xavi Fores                Suzuki        ESP    13
 9   Tatu Lauslehto            Honda         FIN    13
10   Jurgen van den Goorbergh  Ducati        NED    11
11   Johan Stigefelt           Honda         SWE    10
12   Tomas Miksovsky           Honda         CZE     7
13   Gianluca Nannelli         Ducati        ITA     7
14   Christophe Cogan          Suzuki        FRA     6
15   Andrea Berta              Ducati        ITA     5

Manufacturers standings WSS

Pos. Manufacturer Points
 1   Honda          50
 2   Yamaha         33
 3   Ducati         18
 4   Suzuki         14
 5   Kawasaki        6