Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Troy Corser News
Round 3, Valencia, Spain - 24th April 2005
Circuit: 4.005 kms. Crowd: 35,000 (3-day) Weather: Dry, mostly sunny 20-24C.


Troy completely destroyed the opposition at Valencia today, winning both races
and making it a perfect fifty points. He had dominated both qualifying sessions
and also won Superpole, but the manner in which he controlled both 23-lappers
today was nothing short of remarkable. He led the first race from start to
finish and even though he slowed in the closing stages, he still ran out the
winner by over nine seconds. Chris Vermeulen (Honda) was second, with Troys
team mate Yukio Kagayama third.

Troy didnt get the holeshot in race two and was surprised to see Andrew Pitt
(Yamaha) make the break and lead into turn one. But Pitts lead was short lived
and by the end of lap two, Troy was in front and in control. This time he took
the chequered flag five seconds ahead of his nearest challenger Chris Vermeulen,
with Chris Walker (Kawasaki) third.

TROY - Race 1: 1st, Race 2: 1st
Well that was just about perfect. The bike worked like a dream and although
there were grip problems for all of us - due to the changing conditions - I was
still able to control both races. I used the same rear tyre for both races, but
there didnt seem to be as much grip in the second race. The track temperature
was quite a bit hotter, so that probably is the explanation. We had done our
homework in the two days of qualifying, so we were well prepared for the
changing track conditions. I made a good start in race one and pretty much
controlled things from the front. I kept an eye on my pit-board, so I knew what
I had to do. On the last lap or so, I did a bit of showboating - for the fans
and for the TV viewers.

In race two, I saw Andrew (Pitt) get off the line ahead of me, but I didnt
panic and try to get him before turn one. I waited until the moment was right
and then overtook him. I then pushed quite hard for about seven or eight laps,
to make a break on the rest, and that probably affected the tyres quite a bit.
So, in the later stages of the race, I used different lines (to use different
parts of the tyres) and eased off a little. It is always great to do a double
and it was the perfect end to a perfect weekend. I have to thank all my team and
all at Alstare for giving me a great bike to ride. Id like to dedicate my wins
today to a good friend in Australia, whose father died recently. She has been a
bit low as a result, so I am sure this will bring a smile to her face.


Race 1:
 1 TROY CORSER (Aus-Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra)
 2 Vermeulen (Aus-Honda)
 3 Kagayama (J-Suzuki)
 4 Walker (GB-Kawasaki)
 5 Haga (J-Yamaha)
 6 Gimbert (F-Yamaha)
 7 Chili (I-Honda)
 8 Toseland (GB-Ducati)
 9 Fuertes (E-Suzuki)
10 Checa (E-Yamaha)

Race 2 (aggregate):
 1 TROY CORSER (Aus-Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra)
 2 Vermeulen
 3 Walker
 4 Haga
 5 Abe (J-Yamaha)
 6 Bostrom (USA)
 7 Kagayama (J-Suzuki)
 8 Pitt (Aus-Yamaha)
 9 Checa (E-Yamaha)
10 Chili


 2 Kagayama     110
 3 Vermeulen     90
 4 Laconi        54
 5 Abe           44
 6 Neukirchner   41
 7 Haga          40
 8 Pitt          39
 9 Walker        38
10 Toseland      30