Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Scuderia SC Caracchi-NCR

(Valencia 2005, April 24)

Team SC Caracchi suffered a quite black day at the third round of the Superbike
World Championship in Valencia, Spain. In Superbike Lorenzo Lanzi, after a good
start in Race-1, remained involved with any responsibility in the incident
between Muggeridge and Neukirchner during the first lap and in the crash brake
his left collarbone. The unlucky rider from Cesena flied subit in Italy and next
Tuesday will have a surgery operation in Imola Hospital to reduce his fracture
and try to able for the Italian round in Monza next May 8.

Fonsi Nieto has been not able to give to the 35000 Spanish fans present at
R.Tormo Circuit any moment of happiness. His bike became hard to ride after a
few laps and after a difficult Race-1 he preferred to stop when started with the
same problems during Race-2.

In Supersport Gianluca Nannelli started pushing hard, recovering the sixth
position just behind the group fighting for the victory, but then the tyres
started to give way and Gianluca lost a couple of positions that he had actually

A disappointed Lorenzo Lanzi looks at the other riders joining the starting
grid, forced to renounce for his broken collarbone in the accident between
Vermeulen and Neukirchner.

"I started quite well and at the first holeshot I was in tenth position." - said
Lorenzo Lanzi. "than something happened between Muggeridge and Neukirchner, both
crashed and I found in front of me the bike of Neukirchner running crazy on the
track and I crashed landing on my shoulder. I hope to be able for Monza. I'm
actually unhappy because after the great work we have done all the team deserved
a satisfying result, but actually we've not been lucky today."

At the end of Race-2, after the meeting with the team, Fonsi too isn't happy.

"I'm not happy at all because during the morning's warm up I had a fast pace and
I was confident in a good result for the race." - said a disappointed Fonsi
Nieto at the end. "Then for the race everything changed. In Race-1 I made a good
start and at the end of the first lap I was in tenth position, but early the
bike became impossible to ride, but I decided however to finish to improve my
experience. We were thinking a wrong rear tyre and for Race-2 we select another
tyre, but things didn't change, more I had a bad start and somebody did touch
me  in the accident of McCoy, so I decided to enter the pit.Now I hope to find a
solution for next round in Monza."

Also Gianlu Nannelli is very angry, because the lost positions during the final
stage of Supersport race.

"At the moment we enter the track for the grid the sky was cloudy and we select
a soft tyre." - said a disappointed Gianluca Nannelli. "Then when we were
waiting for the warm up lap the sun appeared and the temperature increased
suddenly, so I rode some good lap and I grabbed the sixth position, but at the
middle of the race the bike lost the grip and the bike started to slide
everywhere.Then at the end I had some trouble with the front brake and I've been
no more able to fight with Parkesande Veneman and I lost a couple of positions.
My machine was very very fast, the fastest on the grid, but I wasn't more able
to open the throttle outing the corners."