Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Scuderia SC Caracchi-NCR

(Monza 2005, May 7)

At last a Ducati will start from the front row in Supersport! That's happened
for the last time three years ago, in Australia 2002, that an Italian twin
earned a front row position in World Supersport and that has been achieved once
more, as three years ago, thanks a bike tuned by Scuderia SC Caracchi and a
fantastic lap by Gianluca Nannelli. Altought the heavy stress due by the
continuous bike change, from the more powerful 99RS Superbike tu the more
nervous 749R Supersport Nannelli recorded a perfect lap and tomorrow will start
side by side to the up to now unbeaten Honda Ten Kate for a challenge which will
fire the public of Monza. In Superbike Nannelli will start from the third row:
following a foreseeable lack of concentration after such long and tiring
practice day, with any resting moment, Nannelli started for his timed lap
slowly, recording soon at the slip-1 an heavy delay and then, looking to
recover, made some mistake that let him in 12th grid position, a positive
result, but lower than the possibilities showed along the practice days fron the
Florentine rider.

"Of course I'm very happy about the Supersport result." - affirmed at the end of
the practices Gianluca Nannelli. "That's been a very demanding afternoon, under
very hot temperature. I've been also under a big nervous pressure because in the
last ten minutes of qualifying I was in a provisional pole and, as well at Monza
to start from the pole isn't very very important, it was a prestigious result,
but in the last moments the couple of Ten Kate Hondas overtook me, but our
result remains excellent and I'm very happy for Franco Farnθ,Walter Cussigh and
all the guys which have done a fantastic work. Unfortunately at the start of
Superpole lap I was already out of concentration after the hard fight of
Supersport, so I started slowly, it's sufficient to look the speed in the speed
traap, where our 999RS has been always in the top group, then trying to recover
I've made some mistake too. So at the first split I recorded a delay of 328
thousendth growed up to 627 at split-2,then in the final sector of the lap I
improved something, but it was too late and I've been not able to do better as a
third row position. It's a pity because I was looking for a second row start,
but at the end it will be important to avoid to remain prisoner in the group at
the first chicane, for not lose the leader's group. Instead the strongest risk
will be that after nervous stress of three starts, always huddled into the
fairing to have a better streamline wich is one of the main property of Ducati,
I could have a lack of concentration as happened today. It will be a fighted
day, to have sound nerves as a good  physical training."

After the accident of yesterday afternoon, that looked to have any damage, Fonsi
Nieto passed on the contrary a bad night for the pains the left ankle hit in the
accident with Cardoso and today he had several pain troubles; more trouble
engine in the final qualifying session made all more difficult and the Spanish
rider lost once more the possibility to run the Superpole session.

"This time we must actually speak about misfortune." - said a disappointed
Fonsi. "The hit ankle gave me heavy pains and more some engine trouble forced us
to spend a lot of time in the pit. However I'm starting to appreciate this track
I've never seen before, but to start fron a row behing will not allow me to grab
the leader's train, but I'm confident to have a good start and run a good race.
At last in the final free practice session i recorded the 15th fastest with race
tire, it's a good result."