Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Scuderia SC Caracchi-NCR

(Monza 2005, May 8)

The attendance of Monza, 93000 people, for sure doesn't regret the ticket's
money! Thrilling races, all fighted fron the start to finish, with very small
gap under the chequered flag. among the heroes of Monza fans there's from today
on Gianluca Nannelli too, who after three years grabbed a world Supersport
podium for Ducati after three years, from Australia 2002. In the speed temple
Nannelli run an high level race, fighting hardly against the Honda Ten Kate
pair, Fujiwara and Charpentier, as to deserve also the public congratulation
from Ronald Ten Kate for a fantastic race run just after race-1 Superbike, with
no time to change the leather, jumping  from 999RS, more powerful and lighter,
with slick tyres, onto the 749R with street tyres. Only at the beginning of 14th
lap a mistake by Charpentier at first chicane braking caused his mistake too,
allowing his rivals to escape; at that point the tyres couldn't no more allow
Gianluca to recover in only two laps and the Florentine rider ended in third
position, first world podium of his career, recording also the 3rd fastest lap
of the day, just three tenth fron track record and a big jump in the
championship standing.

The unbelievable week end at Monza ended with two positive Superbike races,
where Gianluca Nannelli must had to replace the injured Lorenzo Lanzi. During
race-1 Gianluca has been always close to the leaders, fighting during all the
race against Haga and Abe and ending in 9th position. During race-2 the 999RS
engine stopped just at warm up start, forcing Gianluca and the team to run for
fire it again, but Nannelli has been forced to start from the pit lane after
that all the group leaved. Seventeenth unbelievable laps, with an impressive
sequence of overtaking, one or two position lap by lap that gave to Gianluca the
tenth position at the end, three time in the points in the same day. The strong
phsyco.physical stress accumulated in the Monza three days finally dissolwed in
the fans and crew embrace.

"An unforgettable day, a fantastic public, an excellent team. Somebody told me
to renounce the three starts, but I felt well and I was sure to make a good
work." - has been the comment of his triumphant day Gianluca Nannelli. "In
Supersport I earned my first world podium! I had a good start, third in the
first chicane, and I've been able to fight for the victory. Then I made a small
mistake at a few laps to go in the first chicane and I lost the contact, also
because Charpentier saw me and pushed hardly, recording the fastest lap just at
that moment. However the 749R is an excellent bike and Team SC is fantastic too.
Unfortunately when I lost the contact the left side of the tyres was suffering
quickly and started sliding, so I couldn't fight for the victory still the end.
For Superbike during race-1 I rode quietly because it was the first race of the
day, anyway the duel with Abe and Haga it was fun. During race-2 my engine
stopped at the start of warm up lap, the guys were not able to see me from the
garage because the pit wall in Monza is quite high, so I must run to the pit and
I have been forced to start as last from the pit lane. I spent my last energies
to recover, it has been exiting but heavy, and to finish as tenth it has been a
great result. I believe that today I've lost not less as ten kilos: that will
make happy Farnθ who is always joking with me and says that I must lose weigh
because I'm too much heavy for the 749R! I want to tank all that allowed me such
a splendid day, as Ducati and GA, Lorenzo's main sponsor, and all that believed
in me, as my family and everybody helped me, then FMI and the team. This day is
dedicated to everyone of them and to the unlucky Lanzi that at Silverstone will
return on the 999RS."

The misfortune has not forsaken Fonsi Nieto. During race-1 the Spanish rider got
a very fast start, running in tenth to fifteenth position for five laps, then at
the sixth lap somebody touched him causing the lost of several positions and the
recover has been difficult, ending at 16th position, just out of points area.
Good start also in race-2, the three laps in the points group, but Nieto's
engine broken (it was a new engine) and stop in a smoke cloud.

"Today too we have been pelt by misfortune." - said a disappointed Fonsi back at
the garage. - "That actually a week end to forget. Two good starts, in race-1 I
was side by side to Nannelli at the first chicane, didn't have any good result
and I leave Monza very disappointed. The only positive thing is that I got a
good feeling with the bike and the track, my right position could be in the
points, but against the misfortune that's nothing to do."