Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
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WSB : Pitt tops Yamahas in Monza

Round: 4 - Italy - Monza
Circuit: Monza
Date: 8 May 2005
Crowd: 93000
Temp: 39ΊC
Weather: Sunny

Yamaha Motor Italia rider Andrew Pitt put in two strong performances to end the
day as Yamaha's top points scorer at Monza. The Australian recorded a fifth and
sixth place finish. Making two good starts he pushed hard at his team's home
circuit, forming part of an eight rider freight train in race two, only a
fraction of a second behind James Toseland at the culmination of his day's work.

Noriyuki Haga (Yamaha Motor Italia) ground out a ninth place in race two,
following on from 11th in the opening race, with the second race reduced by one
lap after the start was delayed due to a problem for home favourite
Pierfrancesco Chili (Honda).

The opening 18-lap high speed superbike battle saw Troy Corser (Suzuki) take his
sixth win of the year, with Yukio Kagayama (Suzuki) second and James Toseland
(Ducati) third. Norick Abe (Yamaha Motor France IPONE) earned a top ten finish
in his inaugural Monza meeting, following up with 12th, after set-up changes
between races did not work out as planned. His team-mate Sebastien Gimbert had a
tough superbike baptism at Monza, 17th in race one, while a damaged radiator in
race two put him out of the follow-up. Chris Vermeulen (Honda) won race two,
from long time leader Regis Laconi (Ducati), with Corser third.

Corser nonetheless improved his championship lead, with the top Yamaha that of
Pitt, in fifth place with 60 points. Abe narrowly leads Haga, 54 points to 52 in
the battle for eighth, with Gimbert 14th, on 26.

Andrew Pitt (Yamaha Motor Italia)

"We are chipping away at it every weekend and improving every time out. I just
couldn't get right with Toseland in race two, because I didn't have the drive
out of the corner that he had. I could make it up in the entries but he would
get it back on the exits. The main thing is that we're getting the front tyres
to last now and that has given me confidence in the front for the whole race."

Noriyuki Haga (Yamaha Motor Italia)

"I changed to a medium tyre on the rear and I think it worked well but we still
don't have a perfect balance on the bike. So it was not enough to let me
challenge. The engine was better in the first race but in race two I changed the
bike and it was not quite so quick as the first one."

Massimo Meregalli (Team Coordinator - Yamaha Motor Italia)

"Like Andrew says, every time we are making improvements and when I saw how
difficult it was for the Ducatis to pass Andrew on the straights I could see
that we are working in the right direction. If we continue like this then I
think the podium is a possibility."

Norick Abe (Yamaha Motor France)

"It was the first time for me at Monza but every day I improved. In the first
race things were not so bad but I did not have a good feeling from the front
end. If this was fixed I think I could have gone five tenths faster each lap. So
we modified the settings for race two - but it was even worse than race one."

Sebastien Gimbert (Yamaha Motor France)

"A grim weekend for me I'm afraid, and the stone holing the radiator summed it
up. In race one I cut the Ascari chicane with Bussei and that made it a problem
for me. I'm disappointed with the weekend."

Martial Garcia (Team Manager - Yamaha Motor France)

"For the first time we were happy about qualifying at the right time because at
the end the riders both made superpole. But for the race we expected more. It
was a real shame for Sebastien because a stone went through his radiator and all
the water leaked out. After the first lap the temperature went almost to
maximum. We have to forget about this one and move on to Silverstone."

Race classification WSB

Round:  4 - Italy - Monza
Circuit:  Monza
Circuit Length:  5792m
Lap Record:  1' 47.434 (Troy Bayliss, 2002)
Fastest Lap Ever:  1' 47.434 (Troy Bayliss, 2002)

Race 1: 18 Laps

Pos.Rider          Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1  T. Corser      Suzuki        AUS  32'40.906
 2  Y. Kagayama    Suzuki        JPN     +0.985
 3  J. Toseland    Ducati        GBR     +1.040
 4  R. Laconi      Ducati        FRA     +1.757
 5  A. Pitt        Yamaha        AUS     +8.609
 6  K. Muggeridge  Honda         AUS    +12.435
 7  P. Chili       Honda         ITA    +12.628
 8  C. Walker      Kawasaki      GBR    +16.656
 9  G. Nannelli    Ducati        ITA    +20.481
10  N. Abe         Yamaha        JPN    +21.119
11  N. Haga        Yamaha        JPN    +23.169
12  M. Borciani    Ducati        ITA    +39.874
13  G. Bussei      Kawasaki      ITA    +40.080
14  M. Sanchini    Kawasaki      ITA    +41.484
15  I. Clementi    Kawasaki      ITA    +41.955
17  S. Gimbert     Yamaha        FRA    +45.063
19  J. Cardoso     Yamaha        ESP    +47.225
19  M. Praia       Yamaha        POR  +1'16.849
21  G. Vizziello   Yamaha        ITA  +1' 5.562

Race 2: 17 Laps

Pos.Rider          Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1  C. Vermeulen   Honda         AUS  30'49,758
 2  R. Laconi      Ducati        FRA     +0.582
 3  T. Corser      Suzuki        AUS     +2.458
 4  K. Muggeridge  Honda         AUS     +3.379
 5  J. Toseland    Ducati        GBR     +9.901
 6  A. Pitt        Yamaha        AUS    +10.076
 7  P. Chili       Honda         ITA    +11.116
 8  C. Walker      Kawasaki      GBR    +11.587
 9  N. Haga        Yamaha        JPN    +26.936
10  G. Nannelli    Ducati        ITA    +33.459
11  G. Bussei      Kawasaki      ITA    +35.184
12  N. Abe         Yamaha        JPN    +35.612
13  M. Sanchini    Kawasaki      ITA    +36.817
14  L. Conforti    Ducati        ITA    +45.473
15  I. Clementi    Kawasaki      ITA    +47.350
16  L. Alfonsi     Yamaha        ITA    +47.685

Fastest Race Lap:
Pos.Rider          Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1  Y. Kagayama    Suzuki        JPN   1'48.082

Championship standings WSB

Pos.Rider                Manufacturer  Nat. Points
 1  Troy Corser          Suzuki        AUS   182
 2  Yukio Kagayama       Suzuki        JPN   130
 3  Chris Vermeulen      Honda         AUS   115
 4  Regis Laconi         Ducati        FRA    87
 5  Andrew Pitt          Yamaha        AUS    60
 6  James Toseland       Ducati        GBR    57
 7  Norifumi Abe         Yamaha        JPN    54
 8  Chris Walker         Kawasaki      GBR    54
 9  Noriyuki Haga        Yamaha        JPN    52
10  Pierfrancesco Chili  Honda         ITA    44
11  Max Neukirchner      Honda         GER    41
12  Karl Muggeridge      Honda         AUS    38
13  Giovanni Bussei      Kawasaki      ITA    31
14  Sebastien Gimbert    Yamaha        FRA    26
15  Ben Bostrom          Honda         USA    19
19  David Checa          Yamaha        ESP    13
22  Ivan Silva           Yamaha        ESP    10
27  Lorenzo Alfonsi      Yamaha        ITA     3
29  Gianluca Vizziello   Yamaha        ITA     2
30  Miguel Praia         Yamaha        POR     2

Manufacturers standings WSB

Pos.Manufacturer Points
 1  Suzuki        191
 2  Honda         128
 3  Ducati        100
 4  Yamaha         86
 5  Kawasaki       66
 6  Petronas        1

WSS : Curtain satisfied in Monza

Round: 4 - Italy - Monza
Circuit: Monza
Date: 8 May 2005
Crowd: 93000
Temp: 40ΊC
Weather: Sunny

Yamaha Motor Germany riders Kevin Curtain and Broc Parkes scored valuable points
after a tough round four of the Supersport World Championship at Monza today.
The Australians failed to find the optimum settings for their YZF-R6s but fought
hard to the line to secure valuable championship points, in fifth and eighth
places respectively. Curtain stays third in the championship with Parkes tying
with Fabien Foret (Honda) for fifth.

Curtain had been running with the leading pack of Sθbastien Charpentier (Honda),
Katsuaki Fujiwara (Honda) and Gianluca Nannelli (Ducati) in the opening stages,
but slowly slipped back and into the clutches of Michel Fabrizio (Honda) as the
tyres wore. Fabrizio moved into fourth place on lap 10 of 16 and although
Curtain was able to stay in the Italian's slipstream he was unable to make a
pass, finishing the race just a tenth of a second behind his rival.

Fujiwara's victory takes him to within seven points of Charpentier at the top of
the championship, with Curtain a further 23 behind in third. Round five takes
place at the Silverstone circuit in the United Kingdom in three weeks time.

Kevin Curtain

"I did the best I could today and I'm happy to get the points for fifth place at
a track that hasn't really suited us. Our bike is a match for anyone in terms of
top end power but I felt that some of the other guys just had the edge on us
jumping out of the corners. It was ok when the tyres were new, but when the rear
started to wear they were just able to edge away out of the corners. There were
a few places where I could make up time on the brakes but as I said, this is the
best we could do today and we can take a lot of positives away with us. The
front tyre was good right to the end and we've made progress with the
suspension. We've got 11 points from here so I'm satisfied with that."

Broc Parkes

"It's the same story really: finishing a few places behind Kevin. I think the
Hondas had an advantage on us out of the corners, maybe due to the gearing, and
it made it hard work. I've struggled all weekend and to make it worse I got a
terrible start which gave me too much work to do in the race. On the upside,
we've got a new suspension technician come in directly from WP and he has been
able to bring in some new ideas. Already we saw the benefit this weekend and I'm
sure that with more time he will be able to bring us even more improvements."

Terrell Thien (Team Manager)

"Our mechanics all worked so hard this weekend and were often up to one or two
o'clock in the morning changing the gearbox settings and the like, so it was a
shame that we could not deliver a podium. I was pleased that in the end the gap
between us and the winner was less than eight seconds and there are many good
things that we can take from this weekend. Silverstone is next and this is a
circuit that Kevin likes and where Broc was on the podium last year, so we have
every reason to look forward to this race."

Race classification WSS

Round:  4 - Italy - Monza
Circuit:  Monza
Circuit Length:  5792m
Lap Record:  1' 52.635 (Chris Vermeulen, 2003)
Fastest Lap Ever:  1' 51.480 (Karl Muggeridge, 2004)

Race 1: 16 Laps

Pos.Rider           Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1  K. Fujiwara     Honda         JPN  30'15,930
 2  S. Charpentier  Honda         FRA     +0.036
 3  G. Nannelli     Ducati        ITA     +2.726
 4  M. Fabrizio     Honda         ITA     +8.043
 5  K. Curtain      Yamaha        AUS     +8.163
 6  A. Corradi      Ducati        ITA    +18.488
 7  T. Lauslehto    Honda         FIN    +26.566
 8  B. Parkes       Yamaha        AUS    +26.632
 9  S. Chambon      Honda         FRA    +26.940
10  I. Goi          Yamaha        ITA    +37.497
11  S. Le Grelle    Honda         BEL    +37.686
12  X. Fores        Suzuki        ESP    +37.943
13  B. Veneman      Suzuki        NED    +44.198
14  J. Stigefelt    Honda         SWE    +47.954
15  T. Miksovsky    Honda         CZE    +57.562

Fastest Race Lap:
Pos.Rider           Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1  S. Charpentier  Honda         FRA   1'52.726

Championship standings WSS

Pos.Rider                     Manufacturer  Nat. Points
 1  Sebastien Charpentier     Honda         FRA    90
 2  Katsuaki Fujiwara         Honda         JPN    83
 3  Kevin Curtain             Yamaha        AUS    60
 4  Michel Fabrizio           Honda         ITA    42
 5  Fabien Foret              Honda         FRA    38
 6  Broc Parkes               Yamaha        AUS    38
 7  Stephane Chambon          Honda         FRA    32
 8  Gianluca Nannelli         Ducati        ITA    31
 9  Tatu Lauslehto            Honda         FIN    24
10  Xavi Fores                Suzuki        ESP    23
11  Johan Stigefelt           Honda         SWE    19
12  Barry Veneman             Suzuki        NED    13
13  Jurgen van den Goorbergh  Ducati        NED    11
14  Sebastien Le Grelle       Honda         BEL     9
15  Tomas Miksovsky           Honda         CZE     9

Manufacturers standings WSS

Pos.Manufacturer Points
 1  Honda         100
 2  Yamaha         60
 3  Ducati         42
 4  Suzuki         27
 5  Kawasaki        6

European Superstock : R1 racers serve up Monza thriller

Round: 2 - Italy - Monza
Circuit: Monza
Date: 8 May 2005
Crowd: 93000
Temp: 31ΊC
Weather: Sunny

Yamaha's R6 Cup graduates served up a thrilling appetiser for the Monza tifosi
today, with Yamaha Motor Germany's Kenan Sofuoglu and Team Lorenzini by Leoni's
Massimo Roccoli taking the top two places in a superb head-to-head battle for
round two of the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup.

R1 riders Sofuoglu, the 2002 German R6 Cup champion, and Roccoli, winner of the
2003 Italian series, spent the entire 11-lap race separated by only fractions of
a second as they passed and repassed each other around the high speed Formula
One circuit.

Sofuoglu grabbed the holeshot to take the early lead, while pole sitter Roccoli
broke the lap record on lap two to briefly pass him. From then on the two Yamaha
riders rode in each other's slipstream, although their battle did allow former
Australian superbike champion Craig Coxhell to catch up and indeed briefly lead
going into the chicane on the final lap.

Sofuoglu looked like he would have to settle for third when he outbraked himself
going into the Variante della Roggia chicane for the final time, but the Turkish
rider kept his composure and was able to take Coxhell for second with a
spectacular move into Ascari, before passing Roccoli on the approach to
Parabolica to take his second win of the season.

Yamaha Motor Germany's Didier van Keymeulen held third place for most of the
race but was forced back to fifth at the flag. The Belgian rider did not find a
machine set-up to his liking at Monza, but is still very much in contention for
the title. He lies third in the championship on 31 points, Roccoli is just ahead
of him on 36 with Sofuoglu's win giving him a perfect 50 points after two rounds.

Yamaha Motor Italia supported youngster Claudio Corti took victory in Saturday's
European Superstock 600 championship. With a second placed finish at the opening
round in Valencia, the 17-year-old YZF-R6 rider from Como now ties for the
championship lead with French Honda rider Yoann Tiberio.

Kenan Sofuoglu (Yamaha Motor Germany)

"That was a great race. I had a bit of a problem with chatter throughout the
race but I just got my head down and rode as hard as I could. I made a mistake
on the last lap and that meant I had to change my race tactics. I'm really happy
and very focussed this year. I know that I must show people what I can do this
season, so my aim is not only to win the championship but also to win as many
races as possible."

Massimo Roccoli (Lorenzini by Leoni)

"I took the tight line into the final corner but unfortunately I hit a dip in
the tarmac and I lost traction - which allowed Kenan to carry more speed onto
the straight. It was a tough race, like a war, and Kenan is a very strong rider
who has a little more experience than me, so I can have no complaints."

Didier van Keymeulen (Yamaha Motor Germany)

"I had a lot of fans here from Belgium this weekend so I am disappointed only to
finish fifth. Last year I finished on the podium here but all this weekend I
have struggled to get a good feeling with the bike. I got an ok start but
Chiarello held me up for a bit and that gave Kenan and Roccoli the chance to get
away. The next round is at Silverstone and that is one of my favourite tracks,
so hopefully I can find an improvement there."

Race classification FIM Superstock 1000 Cup

Round:  2 - Italy - Monza
Circuit:  Monza
Circuit Length:  5792m
Lap Record:  1' 51.525 (Gianluca Vizziello, 2004)
Fastest Lap Ever:  1' 51.306 (Gianluca Vizziello, 2004)

Race 1: 11 Laps

Pos.Rider             Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1  K. Sofuoglu       Yamaha        TUR  20'37.642
 2  M. Roccoli        Yamaha        ITA     +0.156
 3  C. Coxhell        Suzuki        AUS     +0.214
 4  R. Chiarello      Suzuki        ITA     +3.054
 5  D. Van Keymeulen  Yamaha        BEL     +3.294
 6  A. Martinez       Yamaha        ESP     +9.904
 7  A. Polita         Suzuki        ITA    +12.831
 8  D. Sacchetti      Kawasaki      ITA    +12.872
 9  R. Cooper         Honda         GBR    +14.264
10  S. Vermonden      Suzuki        BEL    +15.466
11  V. Iannuzzo       MV Agusta     ITA    +15.470
12  F. De Marco       MV Agusta     ITA    +17.955
13  I. Dionsi         Suzuki        ITA    +22.757
14  M. Jerman         Suzuki        SVN    +29.107
15  G. Romanelli      Yamaha        ITA    +29.530

Fastest Race Lap:
Pos.Rider             Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1  M. Roccoli        Yamaha        ITA   1'51.619

Championship standings FIM Superstock 1000 Cup

Pos.Rider                 Manufacturer  Nat. Points
 1  Kenan Sofuoglu        Yamaha        TUR    50
 2  Massimo Roccoli       Yamaha        ITA    36
 3  Didier Van Keymeulen  Yamaha        BEL    31
 4  Craig Coxhell         Suzuki        AUS    27
 5  Fabrizio De Marco     MV Agusta     ITA    14
 6  Richard Cooper        Honda         GBR    13
 7  Riccardo Chiarello    Suzuki        ITA    13
 8  William De Angelis    Yamaha        ITA    13
 9  Denis Sacchetti       Kawasaki      ITA    12
10  Ilario Dionsi         Suzuki        ITA    12
11  Alex Martinez         Yamaha        ESP    10
12  Alessandro Polita     Suzuki        ITA     9
13  Herve Gantner         Yamaha        CHE     8
14  Sepp Vermonden        Suzuki        BEL     8
15  Ayrton Badovini       MV Agusta     ITA     7
19  Julian Mazuecos       Yamaha        ESP     3
21  Petter Solli          Yamaha        NOR     1