Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Scuderia SC Caracchi-NCR

(Silverstone 2005, May 29)

Not positive day today at Silverstone for Scuderia SC Caracchi riders, as well
we had some satisfying moment. The best result has been achieved by Gianluca
Nannelli, seventh in Supersport race on the 749R Ducati, penalized by the tyre
choice that let him in the final laps, losing also a final position just in the
final lap.

"I got a good start and I was in the leading gruop, but at the end of the first
lap the bike made a big skid and I lost a couple of positions." - commented
Gianluca Nannelli after the race. "The two leaders got some advantage, but I was
easily in the group fighting for the third place. Then from the 20th lap on, the
situation made worse and the front wheel was looking to fail at every corner, so
I must give up to fight, as I'm used to. The bike was very fast, as always, but
at the end in the corner was impossible to ride, I could just try to stand and
I've not been able to avoid that Veneman overtook me during the last lap,
grabbing me the sixth position that I got before hardly fighting."

Black day on the contrary in Superbike, where both the riders have been throw
out just after a lap during Race-1 and where the only positive moment has been
the 11th position in Race-2 by Lorenzo Lanzi, despite he started by the sixth
row and his not brilliant physical conditions.

"Finally today I've been able to see the chequered flag!" - said smiling Lorenzo
Lanzi at the end of Race-2. "During Race-1 there's been a bad accident at the
first lap, which involved Fonsi too, and when we return in that point after a
lap I was riding just behind Sanchini. To look the free line he moved and, in
avoid to not hurt him, I moved too and someone behind me, I think it was a
Petronas, touched me hardly and I crashed.  I started well, .then I made a small
mistake and somebody overtook me; that's been lucky because otherwise I could be
involved in the first accident too. During Race-2 I got a good start too, also
if I was a bit fear of a new shot, at the fifth lap I was 11th and I keep the
position still the end. In the final laps I had some pain in my shoulder and
Clementi was challenging me, but I could resist. I'm satisfied because I rode a
1'28" pace, quite the same as my fastest lap in qualifying; that's a pity
because without the tyre mistake we've done in qualifying I could get  a better
starting position and that is very important on this track. Now next round will
be Misano, I have time to improve my bike's training and I hope to be on my
hometrack in good conditions. I want to thank all the Clinica Mobile's people
that have been very close to me during this week end to control my condition."

Day to forget at Silverstone for Fonsi Nieto: during race-1 he was throwed out
during the first lap, having also a bad risk when the Clementi's machine bumped
into him. More the first lap crash didn't allow him to respect the ride through
penalty and that has been enforced during Race-2, taking away any opportunity of
a good race.

"During race-1 I had a perfect start, I got some position when a Yamaha crashed
in front of me and knocked against me, then when I was in the gravel the bike of
Clementi which crashed too, bumped into me. I've been very lucky in that
occasion to have any injuries!" - said Fonsi Nieto rejoining the garage. "During
race-2 I started well too, I was 15th at the first lap and 12th at the second,
then I had the penalty signal and when I rejoined the race I was in last
position half a minute behind; on this track it's difficult to overtake, the
bike wasn't perfect and so I preferred to stop."