Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Troy Corser News
Round 6, San Marino (at Misano), Sunday 26th June, Race
Circuit: 4.060 kms.  Crowd: 52,000 (3-day)  Weather: Dry, sunny 32 C.


The temperature was high, the conditions very, very humid and he had clutch
problems, but somehow Troy defied them all to take two superb third places at
Misano today. At the end of the second 25-lapper, Troy looked drained and
exhausted, but after a short rest and some water he was back to his normal self.
Regis Laconi (Ducati) won both races today, with Chris Vermeulen (Honda) taking
runner-up spot both times, but Laconi had to battle hard for his double and the
competition was fierce throughout the two races.

TROY   Race 1: 3rd, Race 2: 3rd.

We knew it was going to be hard today, after the past two days, but racing is
different to practice and to do two 25-lap races in these conditions takes some
doing. One race would have been more then enough, but then we had to go out and
do it all over again. I cant tell you how hard today has been. The heat
wouldve been bad enough, but it was very humid and the combination was
devastating. I dont think Ive ever felt like this at the end of a raceday. It
was the same for all of us of course and all of us should be given credit for
the show we put on today. I think we all more then earned our money!

The first race was a two-part affair and there was also a false start I think,
because we actually made three race starts. Our clutch doesnt like that and
sure enough there was an immediate problem with it when we started the second
(20 lap) part. Its not easy riding hard without a clutch, because it meant that
I couldnt brake where and when I wanted to. It was hard work keeping up with
Regis (Laconi) and Chris (Vermeulen) towards the end - especially as I was
having a mother of a battle with James (Toseland) for third place. He actually
crossed the line ahead of me, but when the times were aggregated, I got third.

I also had a clutch problem in race two and once again I could hang with the
guys but not be able to get past and keep in front. I was very close to Chris
many times, but I couldnt use the clutch and brake in the right places to make
my moves. So, once again, I sat behind and settled for third, instead of trying
for second and making a mistake. At the end, I felt pretty tired and was happy
to have a bit of a sit-down and recover. A few minutes later I felt much better,
but it had been one of the hardest days of my life. The good news though, is
that I have a 73-point lead in the series and I dont intend anybody to catch me.

C ya.


Race 1:
 1 Laconi (I-Ducati)
 2 Vermeulen (Aus-Honda)
 3 TROY CORSER (Aus-Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra)
 4 Toseland (GB-Ducati)
 5 Lanzi (I-Ducati)
 6 Haga (J-Yamaha)
 7 Chili (I-Honda)
 8 Walker (GB-Ducati)
 9 Nieto (E-Ducati)
10 Muggeridge (Aus-Honda)

Race 2:
 1 Laconi
 2 Vermeulen
 3 TROY CORSER (Aus-Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra)
 4 Toseland
 5 Chili
 6 Haga
 7 Muggeridge
 8 Martin (Aus-Petronas)
 9 Lanzi
10 Bussei (I-Kawasaki)


 1 TROY CORSER 254 (Aus-Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra)
 2 Vermeulen   181
 3 Laconi      162
 4 Kagayama    148
 5 Toseland    124
 6 Haga         88
 7 Walker       87
 8 Chili        86
 9 Pitt         70
10 Muggeridge   65