Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
YRC News
WSB : Haga grabs impressive sixths in Misano

Round: 6 - San Marino
Circuit: Misano
Date: 26 June 2005
Crowd: 52000
Temp: 45ēC
Weather: Sunny

Round six of the Superbike World Championship at Misano saw Yamaha Motor Italia
rider Noriyuki Haga battle exceptionally hot track conditions to secure two
sixth places under the burning Adriatic sunshine. With ambient temperatures into
the mid-thirties, and track temperatures well over 50 degrees Celsius, rear grip
and traction were at a premium for the YZF-R1 riders, who spent much of practice
and qualifying trying to improve rear end grip.

Despite starting from a lowly 21st position on the grid, the hard-charging
Japanese scythed through the field to gain 20 valuable points from the two races
to move him up to sixth in the championship.

Race one was a two-parter, shortened by one lap to 24, after a crash brought out
the red flags. For Andrew Pitt (Yamaha Motor Italia) the flags came out
marginally too late, as an earlier crash had put him out of contention for the
re-start. In race two a slipping clutch ruled him out of the results in the last
few laps, and he pulled in with four to go.

Yamaha Motor France's Norick Abe scored a single finish, earning a point in race
two after a crash in race one. Team-mate Sebastien Gimbert was forced to miss
the Misano weekend after suffering a chipped bone in his lower right leg at the
previous Silverstone round.

The first race win was taken by Regis Laconi (Ducati), from Chris Vermeulen
(Honda) and Troy Corser (Suzuki). Race two delivered an identical top three, and
was run in equally hot temperatures. Corser still leads the title chase, on 254
points to Vermeulen's 181. Haga sits sixth on 88, Pitt ninth on 70 and Abe 11th
with 63.

Noriyuki Haga (Yamaha Motor Italia)

"I made real progress in the early laps but it was not easy coming up from 21st
position in qualifying. Right at the end of race two I had passed Chili but I
entered the first corner a little too hot maybe and he got past me again. The
conditions made it very difficult today, very hard work and lots of sliding. But
we made a good job with what we had."

Norick Abe (Yamaha Motor France)

"Again this was my first time at a new track but all weekend we have not had
good grip from the rear. We tried so many settings and different suspension
packages but everything was the same - no good. I used a qualifying tyre in
practice but even here it was spinning all the time. I used the 200 section tyre
all weekend, and it should have had more grip, but it didn't make any

Andrew Pitt (Yamaha Motor Italia)

"We spent a bit of time trying to choose a front tyre that would go the distance
but I just had no grip, really strange. I was easing it into the entry of the
last chicane, being careful, but it still went away. It's been hard all weekend,
struggling to find settings that worked. We improved bit by bit but the
conditions made it worse."

Massimo Meregalli (Team Coordinator - Yamaha Motor Italia)

"I think Noriyuki did remarkably well in race conditions but I think this
weekend shows the problems of our team being new to this championship. Misano is
a difficult circuit and it is hard for to go there with no information from
previous races. We had a tough time finding good settings in qualifying but the
team tried to understand what Nori's feelings about the bike were and last night
we made real progress. We even made some positive changes between warm up and
the first lap so I am very happy for the way that the team has worked this

Race classification WSB

Round: 6 - San Marino
Circuit: Misano
Circuit Length: 4060m
Lap Record: 1' 34.913 (Troy Bayliss, 2002)
Fastest Lap Ever:  1' 33.525 (Troy Bayliss, 2002)

Race: 24 Laps

Pos. Rider          Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1   R. Laconi      Ducati        FRA  40' 0.000
 2   C. Vermeulen   Honda         AUS     +4.439
 3   T. Corser      Suzuki        AUS     +8.043
 4   J. Toseland    Ducati        GBR    +10.198
 5   L. Lanzi       Ducati        ITA    +14.105
 6   N. Haga        Yamaha        JPN    +16.841
 7   P. Chili       Honda         ITA    +18.000
 8   C. Walker      Kawasaki      GBR    +20.110
 9   F. Nieto       Ducati        ESP    +21.468
10   K. Muggeridge  Honda         AUS    +22.590
11   S. Martin      Petronas      AUS    +24.800
12   M. Sanchini    Kawasaki      ITA    +26.201
13   J. Cardoso     Yamaha        ESP    +27.795
14   B. Bostrom     Honda         USA    +31.185
15   I. Clementi    Ducati        ITA    +34.975
16   L. Alfonsi     Yamaha        ITA    +37.297
17   G. Vizziello   Yamaha        ITA    +53.084
18   M. Praia       Yamaha        POR  +1'25.485

Race 2: 25 Laps

Pos. Rider          Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1   R. Laconi      Ducati        FRA  40'46.260
 2   C. Vermeulen   Honda         AUS     +1.491
 3   T. Corser      Suzuki        AUS     +3.143
 4   J. Toseland    Ducati        GBR    +14.562
 5   P. Chili       Honda         ITA    +16.291
 6   N. Haga        Yamaha        JPN    +18.600
 7   K. Muggeridge  Honda         AUS    +24.065
 8   S. Martin      Petronas      AUS    +24.503
 9   L. Lanzi       Ducati        ITA    +25.865
10   G. Bussei      Kawasaki      ITA    +28.458
11   C. Walker      Kawasaki      GBR    +28.522
12   Y. Kagayama    Suzuki        JPN    +31.223
13   M. Sanchini    Kawasaki      ITA    +33.345
14   L. Alfonsi     Yamaha        ITA    +35.792
15   N. Abe         Yamaha        JPN    +39.660
16   M. Praia       Yamaha        POR  +1'25.453

Fastest Race Lap:
Pos. Rider          Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1   C. Vermeulen   Honda         AUS   1'36.666

Championship standings WSB

Pos. Rider                Manufacturer  Nat. Points
 1   Troy Corser          Suzuki        AUS   254
 2   Chris Vermeulen      Honda         AUS   181
 3   Regis Laconi         Ducati        FRA   162
 4   Yukio Kagayama       Suzuki        JPN   148
 5   James Toseland       Ducati        GBR   124
 6   Noriyuki Haga        Yamaha        JPN    88
 7   Chris Walker         Kawasaki      GBR    87
 8   Pierfrancesco Chili  Honda         ITA    86
 9   Andrew Pitt          Yamaha        AUS    70
10   Karl Muggeridge      Honda         AUS    65
11   Norifumi Abe         Yamaha        JPN    63
12   Max Neukirchner      Honda         GER    50
13   Giovanni Bussei      Kawasaki      ITA    45
14   Lorenzo Lanzi        Ducati        ITA    30
15   Mauro Sanchini       Kawasaki      ITA    27
16   Sebastien Gimbert    Yamaha        FRA    26

Manufacturers standings WSB

Pos. Manufacturer Points
 1   Suzuki        263
 2   Ducati        200
 3   Honda         194
 4   Yamaha        129
 5   Kawasaki      100
 6   Petronas       17

WSS : Fourth and fifth in supersport

Round: 6 - San Marino
Circuit: Misano
Date: 26 June 2005
Crowd: 52000
Temp: 40ēC
Weather: Sunny

Yamaha Motor Germany riders Kevin Curtain and Broc Parkes finished fourth and
fifth respectively in a tough round six of the Supersport World Championship at
Misano today, retaining their third and fifth places in the points standings.

Both riders had long and lonely races, lapping consistently in hot conditions
that put grip at a premium around the demanding Italian circuit. Starting from
the front row, Curtain settled into an early second position behind early leader
Fabien Foret (Honda), but was forced to give second best to Sebastien
Charpentier and Katsuaki Fujiwara (both Honda) after three laps, before settling
down to a steady ride to the flag and 13 championship points.

Parkes, equaling his best result for the team to date, was a further six seconds
adrift of his more experienced team-mate, riding around a similar traction
handicap brought on by the exceptionally high ground temperatures.

The race was won by Charpentier from Foret and Fujiwara. With six rounds of the
12 race championship gone, Charpentier leads Fujiwara by 34 points, with Curtain
a further 13 adrift in third.

Kevin Curtain

"I did all I could today. I tried to stick with the front three for as long as
possible but there was just no grip at the rear - and the front was bouncing
about a bit too - so I just had to bring her home for the points. It's a shame
because we had the perfect set-up in free practice this morning but the
temperature increased by 10 degrees for the race and this made such a massive
difference to the amount of grip out there. But there are still a lot of races
to go and after testing at Brno recently I am confident of a good result there."

Broc Parkes

"A tough race - I got off at the end and felt like I'd just done two races back
to back. Like most guys I was struggling a lot for grip and although I felt that
I rode well I can't get excited about finishing fifth. On the positive side
we're finding a set-up more suited to my style and we're staying on here at
Misano to do the Italian championship round next weekend where we will get in
some more development time."

Race classification WSS

Round: 6 - San Marino
Circuit: Misano
Circuit Length: 4060m
Lap Record: 1' 37.924 (Katsuaki Fujiwara, 2003)
Fastest Lap Ever:  1' 36.846 (Simone Sanna, 2003)

Race: 23 Laps

Pos. Rider           Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1   S. Charpentier  Honda         FRA  38'14,344
 2   F. Foret        Honda         FRA     +0.496
 3   K. Fujiwara     Honda         JPN     +4,981
 4   K. Curtain      Yamaha        AUS    +13.368
 5   B. Parkes       Yamaha        AUS    +19.396
 6   S. Sanna        Honda         ITA    +22.277
 7   X. Fores        Suzuki        ESP    +26.558
 8   A. Antonello    Kawasaki      ITA    +26.871
 9   C. Migliorati   Kawasaki      ITA    +26.901
10   T. Lauslehto    Honda         FIN    +27.564
11   R. Harms        Honda         DNK    +31.558
12   B. Veneman      Suzuki        NED    +36.341
13   J. Stigefelt    Honda         SWE    +37.712
14   C. Mariottini   Honda         ITA    +38.284
15   S. Chambon      Honda         FRA    +40.437

Fastest Race Lap:
Pos. Rider           Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1   S. Charpentier  Honda         FRA   1'38.821

Championship standings WSS

Pos. Rider                     Manufacturer  Nat. Points
 1   Sebastien Charpentier     Honda         FRA   140
 2   Katsuaki Fujiwara         Honda         JPN   106
 3   Kevin Curtain             Yamaha        AUS    93
 4   Fabien Foret              Honda         FRA    74
 5   Broc Parkes               Yamaha        AUS    60
 6   Stephane Chambon          Honda         FRA    46
 7   Michel Fabrizio           Honda         ITA    42
 8   Gianluca Nannelli         Ducati        ITA    40
 9   Tatu Lauslehto            Honda         FIN    36
10   Xavi Fores                Suzuki        ESP    36
11   Barry Veneman             Suzuki        NED    27
12   Johan Stigefelt           Honda         SWE    22
13   Sebastien Le Grelle       Honda         BEL    14
14   Jurgen van den Goorbergh  Ducati        NED    11
15   Simone Sanna              Honda         ITA    10

Manufacturers standings WSS

Pos. Manufacturer Points
 1   Honda         150
 2   Yamaha         93
 3   Ducati         51
 4   Suzuki         47
 5   Kawasaki       18

European Superstock : R1 riders move up in Misano

Round: 4 - San Marino
Circuit: Misano
Date: 26 June 2005
Crowd: 52000
Temp: 40ēC
Weather: Sunny

Yamaha riders consolidated their lead at the head of the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup
at Misano today, with Yamaha Motor Germany rider Didier van Keymeulen taking a
second place finish to ensure Yamaha riders leave Italy holding the top three
places in the championship.

Starting from pole position, the Belgian led the opening laps before being
joined by Riccardo Chiarello (Suzuki) and Vittorio Iannuzzo (MV Agusta) for a
three way battle for the lead. Van Keymeulen held Chiarello in his sights for
the remainder of the 15 lap race, but was unable to make a definitive move after
encountering a lapped rider on the final lap. By the flag, Van Keymeulen
finished less than a second behind the Italian to move up to third in the

Massimo Roccoli (Yamaha Lorenzini by Leoni) moved into the championship lead
after taking fourth place at his local circuit. The diminutive Rimini youngster
had a tough weekend after crashing during Friday's practice and experiencing
grip problems in the hot conditions. Despite this Roccoli fought through from
the second row, catching Iannuzzo and missing out on a podium finish by less
than half a second.

Van Keymeulen's team-mate, Kenan Sofuoglu, dropped back to second in the
championship after missing the Misano race due to a hand injury sustained in a
training accident. The Turkish rider is expected to return for the next round in
Brno, but trails Roccoli by eight points in the championship, with the
consistent Van Keymeulen a further two points behind in third. Stefan Nebel,
Sofuoglu's replacement for this race, did not start after suffering a back
injury after crashing in practice.

Didier van Keymeulen (Yamaha Motor Germany)

"After a few not so great races the good feeling is back. Misano is a tough
track as you can't really push the front end so hard but I was feeling confident
all weekend. I could run with Chiarello at the front but he rode well and pushed
hard in the last two laps. I was able to go with him but I was aware that
Roccoli and Coxhell were behind me and that, along with Kenan, they are my main
rivals for the championship. I'm happy because today we closed the gap in the
championship and next up is Brno, where we had a good test recently."

Massimo Roccoli (Lorenzini by Leoni)

"I wanted to win here at my home circuit but in the end it was not to be: the
combination of the R1's power, my light weight and the hot conditions meant that
I could not get good traction all weekend. But I am happy because I scored
valuable points and have taken the championship. I plan to stay there now for
the rest of the season!"

Race classification FIM Superstock 1000 Cup

Round: 4 - San Marino
Circuit: Misano
Circuit Length: 4060m
Lap Record: 1' 38.235 (Vittorio Iannuzzo, 2005)
Fastest Lap Ever:  1' 38.235 (Vittorio Iannuzzo, 2005)

Race: 15 Laps

Pos. Rider             Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1   R. Chiarello      Suzuki        ITA  24'57,938
 2   D. Van Keymeulen  Yamaha        BEL     +0.666
 3   V. Iannuzzo       MV Agusta     ITA     +5.079
 4   M. Roccoli        Yamaha        ITA     +5.513
 5   A. Polita         Suzuki        ITA     +5.747
 6   C. Coxhell        Suzuki        AUS     +9.117
 7   L. Scassa         Yamaha        ITA    +11.671
 8   W. De Angelis     Yamaha        ITA    +11.805
 9   I. Dionsi         Suzuki        ITA    +15.015
10   A. Martinez       Yamaha        ESP    +19.097
11   D. Sacchetti      Kawasaki      ITA    +27.729
12   A. Badovini       MV Agusta     ITA    +28.012
13   H. Gantner        Yamaha        CHE    +28.412
14   R. Cooper         Honda         GBR    +31.592
15   M. Jerman         Suzuki        SVN    +41.451

Fastest Race Lap:
Pos. Rider             Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1   V. Iannuzzo       MV Agusta     ITA   1'38.235

Championship standings FIM Superstock 1000 Cup

Pos. Rider                 Manufacturer  Nat. Points
 1   Massimo Roccoli       Yamaha        ITA    74
 2   Kenan Sofuoglu        Yamaha        TUR    66
 3   Olivier Depoorter     Yamaha        BEL    66
 4   Didier Van Keymeulen  Yamaha        BEL    64
 5   Craig Coxhell         Suzuki        AUS    57
 6   Riccardo Chiarello    Suzuki        ITA    38
 7   William De Angelis    Yamaha        ITA    32
 8   Vittorio Iannuzzo     MV Agusta     ITA    28
 9   Alessandro Polita     Suzuki        ITA    26
10   Alex Martinez         Yamaha        ESP    25
11   Denis Sacchetti       Kawasaki      ITA    22
12   Jose Manuel Hurtado   Yamaha        ESP    19
13   Ilario Dionsi         Suzuki        ITA    19
14   Fabrizio De Marco     MV Agusta     ITA    18
15   Jan Roar Ims          Yamaha        NOR    18