Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Scuderia SC Caracchi-NCR

(Brno 2005, July 15)

The Superbike returns after nine years of missing on the Czech track of Brno and
in the first qualifying day the riders of Scuderia SC Caracchi obtained positive
results. In Superbike Lorenzo Lanzi showed an optimal pace for the race
conditions and is rather satisfied, while in Supersport Gianluca Nannelli
obtained the ninth fastest despite of various problems of order emerged in this
first day. Analogous Fonsi Nieto, to the taken ones with a wrong set up, appears
confident for tomorrow's final qualifying.

"I'm rather satisfied for my result today".  - Lorenzo Lanzi has commented at
the end of the session.  "Not looking at the qualifying position, sixteenth,
untileverybody were turning with race tyres I have  always been in quarter-sixth
position. In order from the race I have an optimal pace, the motor pushes very
strongly and my bike has been recorded as the fastest today. Therefore for the
moment we are in the group allowed to Superpole, I still  have two qualifying
tyres to use tomorrow, I like  the track appeals, I have a very good feeling
with the bike. In little words I actually have to say that I am satisfied ".

In spite of some difficulty Fonsi Nieto appears trusting, even if the Spanish
pilot, that recorded the 21st fastest, has toiled to find the correct set up on
this track that he knows well in order to have already competed several times.

"This morning all has gone enough well, but in the afternoon we have had to try
a different setting".  - he said at the end Fonsi Nieto.  "we have setted the
bike as in Misano, where it had given good results, but what it went well in
Misano does not work here to Brno, therefore we have lost much time. But it was
a test that we had to do. Actually we have lost the afternoon's session, but we
did not use the qualifying tyres that therefore we saved in order to use
tomorrow, when we will return to the original set up, and I'm sure we improve 
our performance".

Less satisfied is Gianluca Nannelli, however his ninth fastest today, than he is
not successful to set the bike for the demanding Bohemian track, in spite of the
top speed showed, as always, by the 749R Ducati tuned by Franco Farnθ.

"The bike is very fast, but it is sliding  a lot and I'm not able  outing the
corners as I would want, despite of all the suspensions tuning, this most in the
afternoon with the warmer temperature. Tomorrow we must work in order to find
again a set up that allows me to ride taking advantage of my riding style ".