Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Scuderia SC Caracchi-NCR

(Brno 2005, July 17)

Golden day today in Brno for Scuderia SC Caracchi: Gianluca Nannelli grabbed the
third position in the Supersport event while in Superbike Lorenzo Lanzi has been
one of the heroes of the day with two great performances that have carried it
twice to the sixth final place. Good results for Fonsi Nieto too, twice in the
points to the shoulders of Kagayama that fight in both races still under the
chequered flag.

"I am very happy, it has been a beautiful day and the team has worked a lot and
very well during all the week end."  - commented Lorenzo Lanzi at the end of
race-2, where he has been the best one of Ducati riders to the finish.  - What a
pity for that stupid trouble yesterday during my Superpole lap: this morning in
the warm up session I have recorded a beautiful 2' 03"8 lap time with race
tyres, to testimony that without the incredible misfortune yesterday I could be
a couple of rows behind in the grid and we could have headed to a podium step. I
started a little prisoner of the group in both races because people behind me
were closing all the passages, first Abe in race-1 and I had difficulties to
pass him because the 4 cylinders have a greater acceleration, even if in top
speed Ducati is often quicker. During race-2 the problem has been repeated
because in warmer conditions the 4 cylinders are favoured; today afternoon as
the Xerox Ducatis as mine have been approximately a second slower and the fours
not. However I am actually very happy: I have been the first of Ducati bikes in
race-2, I couldn't ask more as that."

Also Fonsi Nieto is satisfied. Despite of the fifth row in the starting grid
that has forced him to untie itself in the group iin the early laps Fonsi ended
to points in both races to the shoulders of one of the championship heroes like

"During the morning's warm up we have verified that we could ride with the best
ones".  -  said at the end of the day Fonsi Nieto.  "Unfortunately in the early
laps I had too many riders that slowed down my action, even if have started
rather well. At the final laps in both races I tried to pass Kagayama, but in
race-1 he had a good reaction and during race-2 we found a parked rider just in
the last corners, he was able to pass but hen he closed the way to me and I have
had to renounce. However I am quite satisfied of this day."

Gianluca Nannelli  rejoined onto the rostrum in Supersport after Monza's event;
the Florentine rider has performed a splendid race after to be remained bridled
at the start in the middle of the group, finishing to a breath from the

"After some problem yesterday I did not expect to go up onto the rostrum".  -
has said a smiling Nannelli. - "This is indeed a strange track, when it's fresh
has a good grip while when is warmer the bike is sliding everywhere. Fortunately
the thunderstorm of last night has carried a bit of fresh air and today the bike
went well, only slipped a bit in the rear, but we had made a good tyres
selection watching most to the final laps. The engine push strongest as always
and the team has made a very good job. Unfortunately at the start I remained
captive" in the group, at the holeshot I was just 11th, but I have early begun
to recover. When finally after a few laps I have been able to pass Chambon and
Fores, that stopped me for some lap, I am quickly arrived to be fourth, but at
that moment the gap to the leaders was too large. When Curtain, under pressure,
has fallen I start to see Fabrizio in front of me and has tried also to catch
it, but I have only been able to approach him. I am very happy, I thank the guys
who made a splendid work, this success is to share with all the team."