Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Scuderia SC Caracchi-NCR

(Brands Hatch 2005, August 7)

The smiling faces of men of Scuderia SC Caracchi for the splendid performance by
Lorenzo Lanzi at Brands Hatch becomen quickly frozen by the black misfortune
that  hit Gianluca Nannelli and Fonsi Nieto, both forced to stop for very banal
technical troubles.

Lorenzo Lanzi has been very skilful, with a couple of overtaking at Sterling
corner in both the legs on Kagayama that allowed him to get a pair of eight
final places, not far fron the factory bikes.

"I started quite well at both starts, fighting with Kagayama". -commented
Lorenzo Lanzi. "The bike was perfong well, but when Kagayama overtook me the
leaders grabbed some advantage. In the final lap I wait to attack in the final
corners,  because I wouldn't give to an very expert rider like Kagayama the
chance to reply, and I passed him inside Sterling downhill during race-1.
Duiring race-2 he rode very close to inner limit to no allow me to pass, but
after an outside false attack  he opened a small space inside and I've been able
to overtake him. I'm very satisfied. Now we have to improve the start to stay
from the early beginning in the leader's group. If I could be able to do it I'm
confident in a prestige result because my racing pace at the end ist the same,
or better, as the leaders's pace. I have to thank my team for the splendid work
they've done once more during all the week end."

Fonsi Nieto was quite disappointed at the end of race-2 and let immediately the
pit. After a good result in the morning warm up session it was looking that the
problem could be solved. Then during race-1 front fork troubles forced him to
stop at 16th lap, neither he had a better fortune during race-2, entering the
pit for gearboc troubles during 12th lap.

The splendid week end of Supersport team ended at the race start today. After
the warm up when Nannelli conffirmed himself as one of the final favourite, the
749R Ducati SC Caracchi selected by the Florentine rider eneded the sighting lap
losing a bit of cooling liquid. Nannelli started with the T-bike, but after a
very good start the engine start to have sudden fire off and it was no possible
to go on. A disappointed Nannelli rejoined the pit at 9th lap following two
promising practice day.

"That today could be a black day we see early during the sighting lap". -
declared Gianluca Nannelli. "When I was back on the grid the bike lose some
cooling liquid, so we took the T-bike to start. When the red light went off I
started perfectly and I managed the first corner in first position, but just I
put the bike down the engine went off, so I must put the bike up and three or
four people overtook me. This problem went on a lot of time, with the risk to be
hitted by someone, so I entered the pit. After a control of the bike it looks to
be cause of a fuel return tap, new but defective. The top of fool has been when
Farnθ fired on the first bike, upgrading the engine temperature until 100°C, and
everything was running perfectly. Maybe it was just some liquid in excess! It
has been a true pity, today I had the feeling for a very good result on this
track that I love."