Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Scuderia SC Caracchi-NCR

(Assen 2005, September 4)

Once more Lorenzo Lanzi showed at Assen his rigth to the Superbike's Gotha
citizenship clinching two excellent results in today's races.

"I was confident to get something more". - declared Lorenzo Lanzi at the end of
the day. "Unfortunately the start position penalized me. At race-1 start all
take the start as rockets, as at the holeshot I was just eleventh, the I found
Kagayama that is very hard to pass; when I was leading we rode a bit faster, but
Yukio is a fighter and when he was leading we lose some space from the leaders.
At the end he's been able to resist at all my attacks and I finished in seventh
place. At race-2 start I keep a good start, but at the first corner I was
outside of Martin when the Petronas changed his line, nearly setting me out of
the track, so at the holeshot I was 1,5 seconds behind. Then I started to
recover positions until sixth place, but it was too late for any attempt to do
better. Anyway I'm quite satisfied about the week end's result,with such a crew
of champions it's a good result."

The black week end of Gianluca Nannelli ended in the early laps of morning warm
up. Gianluca had a contact with Fujiwara in the fastest point of the circuit and
finished in the grass with a bad crash and a heavy landing: the bike is quite
destroyed and he suffered a dislocated fracture of the fifth metatharsal bone
that forced him to miss the race.

"That's actually a week end to forget." - said Gianluca Nannelli. "During the
second lap of the warm up I had a contact at the end of the finish line with
Fujiwara and I landed in the grass. It has been a bad shot and the doctors
preferred to declare me unfit to race. I'm confident to recover for German round
next week."

After the unlucky race in Assen, where Gianluca Nannelli couldn't start due the
injuries suffered in the warm up fall, and where Lorenzo Lanzi showed once more
his great potentialities, Stefano Caracchi, owner of the Scuderia SC Caracchi
would like to thanks all the people who have been closed to him and to the Team
for all this difficult but satisfactory season.

"A special thanks to Paolo Ciabatti, Ducati Corse Superbike Director, who gave
to our Team the highest support. A special thanks as well to GA Ricambi, that
supported Lorenzo Lanzi's season, showing a big affection to Lorenzo and all the
Superbike World. I'd like to underline something that make me really happy: the
fact to have in my Team two Italian riders. In special way I'm really happy to
have given to Gianluca Nannelli the possibility to get the best results of his
career in the World Superbike and Supersport series and to have initiate to the
Superbike Championship a young and good rider such Lorenzo Lanzi.

I must confess that I hope in a final surprise, with a sport "present" for
Franco Farnθ, the man who made flight Gianluca Nannelli's bike, giving to the
749R the best results of its life. Franco is a 70's year old man whi is
demonstrating once more his big and never ending talent."