Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Scuderia SC Caracchi-NCR

(Eurospeedway Lausitz 2005, September 11)

EuroSpeedway Lausitz has been the stage for a great show thanks Lorenzo Lanzi;
the Scuderia SC Caracchi rider, on the saddle of factory Xerox Ducati ufficiale,
stormed to the win in race-2, a victory that, Italian rider on a factory Ducati,
was missing from Assen 1998. And also the team SC Caracchi run to celebrate his
triumph after the race.

Excellent result in race-1 also for Norino Brignola that scored points in a
difficult leg after a not brilliant start; then in race-2 Brignola failed the
goal for a poor specific training for World Superbike events, scoring hovewer to
finish close the point, so also the Roman rider is quite satisfied:

"I'm distroied." -  confessed Norino Brignola at the end of race-1. "I miss the
training for such a demanding event, the national events are shorter in one heat
only. In race-1 I rode quite well, also if I didn't get a brilliant start,
recording quite good lap time. During race-2 on the contrary I suffered the
effort after a few laps and I wasn't more able to keep the pace; more I started
badly, so I finished just 16th. I want to thank Ducati Corse and Scuderia SC
Caracchi for this occasion they present me, and I thank all the team staff for
the friendly welcome and the grat work done."