Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Scuderia SC Caracchi-NCR

(Imola 2005, October 2)

The idea to paint the Ducati 749R Supersport in silver to honour the Ducati's
victory in the first Imola 200 has been lucky for the team based in Bologna:
Gianluca Nannelli set a fantastic success in a race characterized by an heavy
rain and stopped at 14th lap for a bad crash of French rider Foret who was
leading the race with Nannelli with the nose in his exhausts. The classification
of the first heat, draw up at the end of 13th lap following FIM rules, penalized
Nannelli placing him in fifth position for the new start of 2nd heat. Nannelli
had a good start, despite he's been slowed down by the crash of the Spanish
rider Fores, but today Gianluca was unapproacheable and after the second lap he
was leading the race and went on to increase his advantage until the final laps
when, perfectly informed by the team, slowed down to control the race till under
the chequered flag. The victory of Nannelli close a victory missing for Ducati
Supersport which went on since the Xaus win in Assen 2000.

"I knew I could be challenge for win." - said a shining Gianluca Nannelli after
the race. "Imola is a track that exalts my ryding style, on physic and
psychological level. The team has done a perfect work during those week end, the
bike today was perfectly balanced and, as always, our top speed was at the
highest standard. I planned to stay with the leaders during the first half of
the race, sparing my resources for the final laps. When I started to push I
reach easily the front position, but then they showed the red flag for the heavy
rain and my attack was stopped.  At the new start, under a bad rain, I took
subit the lead to get a good advantage, from the pit they convoy perfect
informations about my position and in the final laps I took a slowest my pace
avoiding any risk, but when I saw the final flag I cried for the happiness.
That's an important goal, but I want to give more and more. I would thank
everybody helped me, my family, my sponsors, my loyal friends, the Italian
Federation, the Scuderia SC Caracchi and Ducati Corse, all gave me a great help.
I'm proud to be a Ducati rider and I hope to remain also for the future."

On the contrary Lorenzo Lanzi is disappointed leaving from his preferred track.
A crash during the sixth lap, when he was earning positions after a bad start,
eliminates him from race-1, while to cancel the race-2 due the atrocious weather
condition on Imola didn't allow him to try any revenge.

"That wasn't the end I was waiting in this day." -  commented a sad Lorenzo
Lanzi. "The rain cancelled all the work we've done during the practices; in the
morning's warm up I set the fastest lap time and all was looking to be OK. Later
started raining and the troubles too. During race-1 I got a bad start and at the
holeshot I was in 13th position, then I started to recover, but during the sixth
lap, managing the Rivazza corner, I put my front wheel out of the normal line
and i finished lie down in the gravel. Later to cancel race-2 ended this bad
day, it's a pity, but racing in those conditions were far too unsafe to ride."