Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
Scuderia SC Caracchi-NCR

(Bologna 2005, October 5)

Someone defined unjustly as "unattended" the victory of Gianluca Nannelli on
Imola, forgetting as, after the Assen event, Stefano Caracchi did declare: "I
confess that I'm hoping also in a final surprise with a sporting "present" for
Franco Farnθ, the man who made flying the Nannelli's bike, giving to 749R the
best results of its sporting life. Franco is a 70 years old guy who is stil
showing his great and endless talent as enginner."

The Scuderia SC Caracchi is rightly proud of the results set by his riders:
Lorenzo Lanzi has been able to win at his debut on the factory Xerox Ducati
999F05 and a great Gianluca Nannelli who take again to the victory a Ducati in
Supersport series, a result which was missing to the factory of Borgo Panigale
from the success of Reuben Xaus at Assen 2000. But the victory of Imola fills up
another gap which went on since three years: the vicory of an Italian rider
which was missing from the Paolo Casoli's success in Oschersleben. And we
couldn't forget that the last time that a Ducati joined a Supersport rostrum
before the present season was still thanks a bike managed by the team based in
Bologna, whith Piergiorgio Bontempi in Australia 2002, bike always developed by
Franco Farnθ.

The Scuderia SC Caracchi, to whom Ducati Corse assigned the past factory bike
2004, has done a strong investment on the 749R taking care, with his internal
engineer crew managed by Franco Farnθ, over the development and setting
excellent results both as top speed and as engine management of the powerful
twin, a long and fantastic work that took again the "little" twin made in
Bologna onto the top of the championship.

The idea to paint in silver the Ducati 749R Supersport to honour the Ducati
victory in the first Imola 200 gave also an hystorical continuity to the
unapproachable Ducati's roll of honour, renewing after 33 years the win of a
750cc Ducati at Imola.