Press Release
(2005 FIM Superbike World Championship)
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WSB : Haga ends R1's debut season in third

Round: 12 - France
Circuit: MagnyCours
Date: 9 October 2005
Crowd: 56000
Temp: 20ēC
Weather: Sunny

Yamaha Motor Italia star Noriyuki Haga ended his 2005 season on a high with a
rostrum finish at Magny Cours today.

The Japanese star finished third in race two to end the season third in the
world championship standings in the Yamaha YZF-R1's first season in the
Superbike World Championship. 

Earlier in the day Haga missed the chance to increase his run of eight
consecutive podium finishes when he crashed out of the opening race, an innocent
victim of some frantic opening laps that saw him fall after colliding with
another rider. Nitro Nori hit back in race two with a race-long thrilling battle
with fellow Japanese Yukio Kagayama (Suzuki). Kagayama got the better of the
personal battle, but Haga's third place gave him the points needed to secure his
bronze medal championship finish.

Team-mate Andrew Pitt had a tough race day after showing so much promise in
practice. The Australian was involved in the battle for third place in race one,
eventually finishing sixth, before being part of a huge five rider pile-up at
the first turn of the second heat. With the accident causing the race to be
stopped, Pitt was able to join the restart on his spare machine but was
understandably detuned after the accident. Despite this, the Australian gave a
typically gritty performance to work his way through to seventh place and retain
his eighth place in the final championship table.

Yamaha Motor France teamsters Norick Abe and Sebastien Gimbert had mixed
fortunes at their team's home race. Abe overcame a troubled qualifying session
to take two top 10 finishes, although Gimbert was unable to replicate his
impressive performances of 12 months ago and scored just one point for 15th in
race one.

Today's races were won by Chris Vermeulen (Honda) and Lorenzo Lanzi (Ducati).
Troy Corser (Suzuki) ended the year as world champion with Vermeulen second and
Haga third. Magny Cours marked the end of Yamaha's first season since returning
to the Superbike World Championship. Before the season Yamaha set a target of
using the opening part of the season for development, with the goal of achieving
podium finishes and race wins in the second half of the season. With Haga at the
controls, the YZF-R1 was able to take 10 podium finishes from 23 races,
including two wins - at Brno and Brands Hatch.

Noriyuki Haga (Yamaha Motor Italia)

"The first race was disappointing, especially because the crash was not my fault
and I lost my run of podiums. The second was fun and I enjoyed making big
fighting with Yukio. Almost every lap we touched each other - I think both of us
are crazy! I am happy to finish third in the championship in the R1's first year
in world superbikes. We have been strong in the second half of the season and we
know what is needed to improve the bike so that it can be fighting for wins at
every race next year."

Andrew Pitt (Yamaha Motor Italia)

"It was a big crash at the start of race two and I can say that we don't think
any bones are broken, but that's about it. Muggeridge and I clashed - I got a
good start and he got a bad start and we both drifted over to the right to get a
better line for the first corner. The bikes were wheelying and then I felt him
touch the back of my bike and then it felt like something touched my brake
lever. For the first couple of laps I was in a bit of a daze and going
backwards. My head was pounding and my hands were hurting but after a few laps I
was able to focus and work my way through to seventh. I thought I could have got
on the podium in the first one, but we just didn't get there. "

Massimo Meregalli (Team Coordinator - Yamaha Motor Italia)

"Andrew did incredibly well after such a big crash in the first start of race
two. Fortunately he just took skin off his hands but I think that he did a good
job in the circumstances. I am very happy that Noriyuki was able to finish third
in our first year of the championship. We reached a target we set and I am
satisfied - and proud of everybody involved. I would like to thank all of the
team. We only started this project in October last year and everyone involved
worked so hard to get us ready to race. These results are a reward for our hard
work. Now we must look to next year. This will not be easy, but we know where we
must improve and everyone is looking forward to the challenge."

Norick Abe (Yamaha Motor France)

"Yesterday everything went wrong and I could not ride smoothly. We had a lot of
problems this weekend, but today everything went well, especially in the second
race, the start went very well. We could do the same lap times as qualifying, so
that was a good indication."

Sebastien Gimbert (Yamaha Motor France)

"In race one we scored a point but it was very difficult. We had many problems
with the fork, the clutch and under braking, not a good weekend."

Martial Garcia (Team Manager - Yamaha Motor France)

"A bad end for us. Two times the clutch went on Sebastien's bike. I think he was
very nervous to get good starts at his home race, so maybe he burned the clutch.
The more he tried the worse it got. Norick was not so bad. He followed Pitt and
made a good race so it was a good race day for him." 

Race classification WSB

Round: 12 - France
Circuit: MagnyCours
Circuit Length: 4411m
Lap Record: 1' 40.601 (Lorenzo Lanzi, 2005)
Fastest Lap Ever:  1' 39.836 (Chris Vermeulen, 2005)

Race 1: 23 Laps

Pos.Rider           Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1  C. Vermeulen    Honda         AUS  39' 3.405
 2  Y. Kagayama     Suzuki        JPN     +8.200
 3  J. Toseland     Ducati        GBR    +13.336
 4  K. Muggeridge   Honda         AUS    +13.887
 5  T. Corser       Suzuki        AUS    +14.299
 6  A. Pitt         Yamaha        AUS    +15.270
 7  C. Walker       Kawasaki      GBR    +16.136
 8  M. Neukirchner  Honda         GER    +16.616
 9  L. Lanzi        Ducati        ITA    +18.201
10  N. Abe          Yamaha        JPN    +31.100
11  D. Checa        Yamaha        ESP    +34.310
12  B. Bostrom      Honda         USA    +34.493
13  J. Cardoso      Yamaha        ESP    +38.601
14  F. Nieto        Kawasaki      ESP    +38.914
15  S. Gimbert      Yamaha        FRA    +40.508

Race 2: 23 Laps

Pos.Rider           Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1  L. Lanzi        Ducati        ITA  39' 1.858
 2  Y. Kagayama     Suzuki        JPN     +6.662
 3  N. Haga         Yamaha        JPN    +10.722
 4  T. Corser       Suzuki        AUS    +13.457
 5  C. Walker       Kawasaki      GBR    +16.651
 6  J. Toseland     Ducati        GBR    +17.005
 7  A. Pitt         Yamaha        AUS    +20.863
 8  M. Neukirchner  Honda         GER    +22.280
 9  N. Abe          Yamaha        JPN    +22.713
10  P. Chili        Honda         ITA    +31.108
11  B. Bostrom      Honda         USA    +31.271
12  D. Checa        Yamaha        ESP    +38.195
13  F. Nieto        Kawasaki      ESP    +45.314
14  J. Da Costa     Yamaha        FRA    +46.922
15  G. Vizziello    Yamaha        ITA    +50.604

Fastest Race Lap:
Pos.Rider           Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1  L. Lanzi        Ducati        ITA   1'40.601

Championship standings WSB

Pos.Rider                Manufacturer  Nat. Points
 1  Troy Corser          Suzuki        AUS   433
 2  Chris Vermeulen      Honda         AUS   379
 3  Noriyuki Haga        Yamaha        JPN   271
 4  James Toseland       Ducati        GBR   254
 5  Yukio Kagayama       Suzuki        JPN   252
 6  Regis Laconi         Ducati        FRA   221
 7  Chris Walker         Kawasaki      GBR   160
 8  Andrew Pitt          Yamaha        AUS   156
 9  Lorenzo Lanzi        Ducati        ITA   150
10  Pierfrancesco Chili  Honda         ITA   131
11  Karl Muggeridge      Honda         AUS   124
12  Max Neukirchner      Honda         GER   123
13  Norifumi Abe         Yamaha        JPN   123
14  Giovanni Bussei      Kawasaki      ITA    64
15  Ben Bostrom          Honda         USA    58
16  Sebastien Gimbert    Yamaha        FRA    46

Manufacturers standings WSB

Pos.Manufacturer Points
 1  Suzuki        468
 2  Honda         403
 3  Ducati        385
 4  Yamaha        322
 5  Kawasaki      183
 6  Petronas       48

WSS : Parkes leads home Yamaha one-two

Round: 12 - France
Circuit: MagnyCours
Date: 9 October 2005
Crowd: 56000
Temp: 20ēC
Weather: Sunny

Broc Parkes took his first world championship race victory at Magny Cours today,
with Yamaha Motor Germany team-mate Kevin Curtain coming home second to give the
outgoing Yamaha YZF-R6 the perfect send off from world supersport competition.

The young Australian was never headed after taking the lead on lap three of the
23-lap race while behind him a three-way battle raged between Curtain and Honda
team-mates Michel Fabrizio and Fabien Foret. Parkes built up a two second lead
over the following pack and although his lap times dropped off due to front tyre
degradation in closing laps, Parkes was able to take the chequered flag for his
first world supersport win and the venerable Yamaha's final victory before being
replaced by an all-new YZF-R6 for 2006.  

Curtain was able to move into second on lap four and, although Fabrizio and
Foret kept on the pressure he was able to keep a steady pace hold off Fabrizio
for second place, taking his seventh podium finish of the 12 race series. The
supersport one-two, Yamaha Motor Germany's second in three races, ended the
perfect day for the squad, who saw all three of their superstock riders make the
podium earlier in the day.

Today's results had no significant outcome on the final championship standings.
Curtain ends the year as runner-up, 23 points behind champion Sebastien
Charpentier (Honda) while Parkes remains sixth in the championship despite his
win. Yamaha ended the manufacturer's championship in second place.

Broc Parkes

"Finally! It's a big relief to win one at last. It's been a tough season for me
adapting to the R6 and there was times at the middle of the season that I
thought I was going to have to go home and get a proper job because it just
wasn't happening for me. This result is a great reward for the team: they've
worked so hard to get the bike working as good as possible and it's a great way
to end the year. The race itself was quite tough. My plan was to make a gap and
when it got to about one-and-a-half to two seconds I was able to control the
lead. The front tyre was completely gone at the end but we were able to bring
her home. I'm glad that my parents were over to see me take this win and I think
we'll have a quiet celebration tonight. I can't wait to start testing our new R6
now and I hope that next year it's the Hondas that'll be chasing us."

Kevin Curtain

"That's one of the toughest races I've had in a long time. The front tyre was
completely used up at the end and I am really happy to take second. It's been a
great day for the team and I'm pleased that it's finally come good for Broc too.
We've made great progress in the last few races and it's a great reward for the
team. I've ridden so hard this year and I'm already looking forward to 2006 and
racing our new bike."

Terrell Thien (Team Manager)

"It doesn't get much better than this! To have five riders and five podiums is
the perfect result. I'm pleased for Broc taking his first win. The plan was
always to try and make a break and control the lead. I was so impressed at the

Race classification WSS

Round: 12 - France
Circuit: MagnyCours
Circuit Length: 4411
Lap Record: 1' 44.071 (Michel Fabrizio, 2005)
Fastest Lap Ever:  1' 43.548 (Chris Vermeulen, 2003)

Race: 23 Laps

Pos.Rider         Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1  B. Parkes     Yamaha        AUS  40'12.350
 2  K. Curtain    Yamaha        AUS     +0.750
 3  M. Fabrizio   Honda         ITA     +1.215
 4  F. Foret      Honda         FRA     +4.098
 5  X. Fores      Suzuki        ESP    +21.623
 6  J. Stigefelt  Honda         SWE    +23.448
 7  K. Fujiwara   Honda         JPN    +30.108
 8  S. Chambon    Honda         FRA    +32.144
 9  G. Nannelli   Ducati        ITA    +32.408
10  M. Lagrive    Suzuki        FRA    +44.378
11  A. Vos        Honda         NED    +49.939
12  T. Lauslehto  Honda         FIN    +50.269
13  I. Goi        Yamaha        ITA  +1' 1.701
14  J. Jansen     Suzuki        NED  +1'10.471
15  S. Penna      Honda         FIN  +1'11.325

Fastest Race Lap:
Pos.Rider         Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1  M. Fabrizio   Honda         ITA   1'44.071

Championship standings WSS

Pos.Rider                  Manufacturer  Nat. Points
 1  Sebastien Charpentier  Honda         FRA   210
 2  Kevin Curtain          Yamaha        AUS   187
 3  Katsuaki Fujiwara      Honda         JPN   149
 4  Fabien Foret           Honda         FRA   144
 5  Michel Fabrizio        Honda         ITA   138
 6  Broc Parkes            Yamaha        AUS   125
 7  Stephane Chambon       Honda         FRA    94
 8  Gianluca Nannelli      Ducati        ITA    88
 9  Xavi Fores             Suzuki        ESP    71
10  Tatu Lauslehto         Honda         FIN    60
11  Johan Stigefelt        Honda         SWE    58
12  Alessio Corradi        Ducati        ITA    50
13  Robbin Harms           Honda         DNK    34
14  Barry Veneman          Suzuki        NED    33
15  Mattieu Lagrive        Suzuki        FRA    26

Manufacturers standings WSS

Pos.Manufacturer Points
 1  Honda         270
 2  Yamaha        192
 3  Ducati        117
 4  Suzuki         90
 5  Kawasaki       35

FIM Superstock 1000 Cup: Van Keymeulen wins superstock title with last gasp move

Round: 10 - France
Circuit: MagnyCours
Date: 9 October 2005
Crowd: 56000
Temp: 14ēC
Weather: Sunny

Yamaha Motor Germany rider Didier van Keymeulen won the 2005 FIM Superstock 1000
Cup after a sensational move on the final lap to deny his team-mate Kenan
Sofuoglu both the title and race win.

The Yamaha Motor Germany riders had gone into the race separated by just one
point at the top of the championship, setting up a winner-takes-all battle in
Magny Cours. Their only challenger ahead of the race, Craig Coxhell (Suzuki),
saw his slim title hopes extinguished at the end of the second lap when he was
the innocent victim of another rider's crash, leaving Van Keymeulen and Sofuoglu
out front to contest the race win and title. Sofuoglu took the lead on the third
lap, with the Belgian repaying the complement a few laps later. Sofuoglu
shadowed his fellow R1 rider, passing on lap 11, but Van Keymeulen stuck in his
team-mate's wheeltracks and made a brave pass at the penultimate corner to take
the win and the title by the narrowest of margins, leaving his Turkish team-mate

Yamaha Motor Germany entered a third rider at Magny Cours. Recently crowned
German superbike champion Stefan Nebel started the race on pole but found
himself shuffled back as he took avoiding action to miss the carnage that
claimed Coxhell. The 23-year-old charged through from seventh to make it an all
Yamaha Motor Germany podium.

Lorenzini by Leoni Yamaha rider Massimo Roccoli had a difficult race in Magny
Cours. Hopes were high after qualifying on the front row, but seventh place was
the best he could do in the race after suffering traction problems. The
19-year-old Rimini rider secured fifth in this first full season in the
championship and helped Yamaha secure the manufacturer's title, beating Suzuki
by 221 points to 192.

YZF-R6 rider Claudio Corti secured the European Superstock 600 Championship with
a safe seventh place on Saturday. The 18-year-old from Como needed just two
points to secure the title, assuming title rival Yoann Tibero (Honda) won the
race. Tibero duly won the race, but Corti's nine points gave him the title, with
188 points to Tiberio's 180. The Yamaha youngster was one of the revelations of
the year, winning five of the 10 rounds on his way to the title and proving
Yamaha's prowess in the superstock classes, where the machines are raced
practically 'out of the crate'.

Didier van Keymeulen (Yamaha Motor Germany)

"I felt strong throughout the race, especially on that last part of the track,
and although I could not tell if I would win for sure I knew that I had an
opportunity. I could see Kenan riding defensively and closing the door at every
corner on that last lap. I saw that as my chance and I was able to go underneath
him on the corner coming into the final chicane. It still feels a little strange
to be the champion and of course, I am very happy - also for my team and all my
supporters who have followed me all season."

Kenan Sofuoglu (Yamaha Motor Germany)

"It is difficult for me to explain how I feel: just very, very disappointed. I
was sure that I had done enough to win the race but I left enough of a gap for
Didier to pass. This weekend we have had some bad luck with some small things
going wrong. Now I must get over this disappointment and think about next year."

Stefan Nebel (Yamaha Motor Germany)

"I think that I could've won here today but I didn't make a good start and
didn't want to do anything that would put Didier or Kenan at risk in the first
corner. The crash with Coxhell cost me some time but I was able to fight my way
back through. It's been a great day for the team and for me personally I like to
come to these world championship events and show my speed. It's been a good few
weeks for me, with winning the German championship last weekend. Riding the
superstock bike on the control treaded tyres is quite different to riding a
superbike on slicks. There you have to work more on the set-up and tactics: this
is simply a sprint race where you go as fast as possible from the lights to the

Massimo Roccoli (Lorenzini by Leoni)

"I had some problems with arm pump this weekend and also a lack of traction in
the race. I am disappointed to slip back to fifth in the championship but I have
learned a lot this year. It is my first year of international competition and my
first time on the 1000cc bike. I have had three races in the last three weekends

Race classification FIM Superstock 1000 Cup

Round: 10 - France
Circuit: MagnyCours
Circuit Length: 4411m
Lap Record: 1' 44.445 (Alessandro Polita, 2005)
Fastest Lap Ever:  1' 44.169 (Lorenzo Alfonsi, 2004)

Race: 14 Laps

Pos.Rider             Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1  D. Van Keymeulen  Yamaha        BEL  24'36.343
 2  K. Sofuoglu       Yamaha        TUR     +0.453
 3  S. Nebel          Yamaha        GER     +0.877
 4  I. Dionsi         Suzuki        ITA     +2.171
 5  A. Polita         Suzuki        ITA     +4.182
 6  L. Scassa         Yamaha        ITA     +5.328
 7  M. Roccoli        Yamaha        ITA     +5.757
 8  E. Rocamora       Suzuki        ESP     +6.121
 9  W. De Angelis     Yamaha        ITA     +6.713
10  R. Chiarello      Suzuki        ITA    +11.060
11  J. Laverty        Suzuki        IRL    +11.222
12  P. Solli          Yamaha        NOR    +19.128
13  A. Martinez       Yamaha        ESP    +20.631
14  R. Cooper         Honda         GBR    +20.934
15  D. Sacchetti      Kawasaki      ITA    +26.391

Fastest Race Lap:
Pos.Rider             Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
 1  A. Polita         Suzuki        ITA   1'44.445

Championship standings FIM Superstock 1000 Cup

Pos.Rider                 Manufacturer  Nat. Points
 1  Didier Van Keymeulen  Yamaha        BEL   163
 2  Kenan Sofuoglu        Yamaha        TUR   157
 3  Craig Coxhell         Suzuki        AUS   125
 4  Alessandro Polita     Suzuki        ITA   121
 5  Massimo Roccoli       Yamaha        ITA   119
 6  Riccardo Chiarello    Suzuki        ITA   113
 7  Luca Scassa           Yamaha        ITA    78
 8  Ilario Dionsi         Suzuki        ITA    70
 9  William De Angelis    Yamaha        ITA    57
10  Alex Martinez         Yamaha        ESP    55
11  Enrique Rocamora      Suzuki        ESP    51
12  Ayrton Badovini       MV Agusta     ITA    45
13  Richard Cooper        Honda         GBR    42
14  Vittorio Iannuzzo     MV Agusta     ITA    30
15  Denis Sacchetti       Kawasaki      ITA    23