Press Release
(2005 FIM Supersport World Championship)
Winston Ten Kate Honda
2005 World Supersport championship, round seven - Brno, Czech Republic
Qualifying practice - 16 July 2005


A fly embedded in Sebastien Charpentier's eye did not prevent the Winston Ten
Kate Honda rider from setting the fastest time in today's World Supersport
championship final qualifying session at Brno in the Czech Republic.

The Frenchman was almost half a second faster than second-placed Kevin Curtain
with Michel Fabrizio and Broc Parkes taking the remaining front row slots.
Charpentier's replacement team-mate for the Brno event, Craig Jones, battled
back from a crash early on in the session to post the thirteenth fastest time.

Ronald ten Kate - team manager:

"That was very, very impressive. We started today's session with a longer run on
used tyres to simulate tomorrow's race but Kevin (Curtain) went quick very early
on and later set a time that seemed unbeatable. Sebastien came in with a fly
deeply embedded in his eye and we couldn't get it out but he then went and put
in a time that, frankly, I thought was impossible. Craig has continued to make
progress today but unfortunately found a bump that he wasn't expecting and
crashed out early in the session. Going out on the spare CBR upset his rhythm
and development with the bike but he is used to fairly intense racing battles in
the British championship so I'm sure he'll get his head down for tomorrow's

Sebastien Charpentier - fastest, 2m06.283s

"I think that a 2:06.2 on a supersport machine here at Brno is a very high level
and this is surely my best qualifying session from my six pole positions this
year. Misano was very difficult and I had a similar fight with Kevin (Curtain)
at Silverstone. You could say it's not necessary for me to go so hard for pole
position because of the championship but it is something that I enjoy -
especially today! I thought Kevin's 2:06.7 was a good time but I came in with
the fly in my eye and put on some new tyres. I spent a lap concentrating before
the quick one because you have to be aggressive in some places here and smooth
in others. I'm looking forward to a good fight again tomorrow and we're ready
for the race."

Craig Jones - thirteenth fastest, 2m08.423s

"I've just tried to keep making progress since yesterday and I think we were
going in the right direction after this morning. I was on an out lap and not
pushing that hard but found a bump on the last corner and the front just washed
out. I guess that's part of learning a new circuit. I still need some more time
to make the bike my own but I'm happy enough to keep on making the little
improvements we have been doing. We've got a little more time in warm-up
tomorrow and then I just plan to go out and enjoy the race."

World Supersport, Brno - final qualifying times:

 1 Sebastien Charpentier FRA (Winston Ten Kate Honda)  2m06.283s
 2 Kevin Curtain AUS (Yamaha)                          2:06.703
 3 Michel Fabrizio ITA (Honda)                         2:07.153
 4 Broc Parkes AUS (Yamaha)                            2:07.188
 5 Fabien Foret FRA (Honda)                            2:07.266
 6 Robin Harms DEN (Honda)                             2:07.752
 7 Javier Fores ESP (Suzuki)                           2:07.876
 8 Gianluca Nannelli ITA (Ducati)
 9 Werner Daemen BEL (Honda)                           2:08.016
10 Alessandro Corradi ITA (Ducati)                     2:08.164
13 Craig Jones GBR (Winston Ten Kate Honda)            2:08.423